Austin Bates (’13) Making a Life in the Music Industry


Austin Bates works in the studio.

Jalen Flaherty, Staff Writer

Year after year, as students graduate and move on to pursue their dreams, we all almost wonder what will happen to them. As Weedsport students we are all aware that this school is a special one. The overall quality of the teachers helps push students to their greatest achievements. The small environment aids students in growing interests and gives each student a connection with their teachers. These factors make Weedsport a school that shapes the minds of students which in turn makes them ready for success

While there are many examples of successful Weedsport students, some stick out. Austin Bates, who graduated with the Class of 2013, is one of those examples. When going through school it was clear for Bates that music interested him even in his freshman year. “I was in Mr. Franco’s first music industry classes,” Bates said. “It was through those that I discovered that I loved the process of recording.” This love led Bates to major in Music Industry at the College of Saint Rose. “I hope to work more on the audio engineering side of things,” he said.

Saint Rose’s Music Industry curriculum contains several different aspects of the music industry, however Bates mostly works hands-on. “I have several classes that are completely focused on engineering and production,” Bates said. Audio engineering consists of recording, editing, and mastering sound by technical means to realize the creative vision of the artist and record producer. This essentially means that audio engineers are tasked with the shaping and controlling of sound, which makes things sound good.

That song you heard on the radio? An engineer could have spent hours making sure that the recording process went smoothly, and that everything is blended together correctly. That isn’t a simple task, engineers draw on their knowledge of physics, electronics, computing, math, and in addition using their well-trained ears.

Bates has even worked in the field. “This past summer I did an internship at SubCat Studios in Syracuse,” he said enthusiastically. Audio engineering is not only about gaining important information on the field, it also relies a lot on the experience one has before getting a reliable career. A huge part of the job is working with people and gaining more connections through the field.

When asking Bates if he would be where was was today if he wasn’t a Weedsport graduate, he speculated, “The teachers are so passionate about what they do. You can learn a lot from them as long if you’re willing to, that push to think at a higher level than I often wanted helped me become a better student and a better person.”

Bates also said that Franco’s Music Industry classes were really some of the first in the country. These classes again helped Bates make his decision to pursue the path of music. “The teachers are what made the difference,” Bates concludes. “Teachers like Mrs. Woodworth, Mr. English, and Mr.Franco are the main reasons I am where I am today. So to answer your question, no I do not believe I would be where I am today if I went anywhere but Weedsport.”

This simple fact is true for many. So remember to feel pride you are a Weedsport Warrior, and to thank the faculty and staff for their excellent job at teaching students to accomplish their dreams.