Jordan Lally: Small Town Start – To Big City Politics

Jordan Lally: Small Town Start - To Big City Politics

Mike Tracy and Chris Chalker

Jordan Lally is a recent graduate of Weedsport, and is currently attending college at Syracuse University, where she is making a big impact in the community. Aside from college, Jordan has had several internships where she was one of the head staffers for Juanita Perez Williams in the Syrcause mayoral campaign. Although the campaign was a loss, it ended close with only a 4000 vote difference. The experience gave her many connections that would help her further on in the future. She was kind enough to take some time to talk with The Johnny Green about what she has been doing since she has graduated. 

Q: What are you studying in college, and how is college preparing you for life?

“I am studying public relations and political science. I’m not sure that college classes prepare you for anything other than how to do a specific job. However, being at Syracuse has opened me up to new opportunities, new people and new ideas, all of which have helped me grow.”

Q: How do you think your time at Weedsport prepared you for the activities you are doing now?

“Weedsport gave me the chance to learn how to be a leader and a team player. Both my time on the Weedsport field hockey team and as a part of the Johnny Green gave me a foundation to build on when I got to Syracuse.”

Q: What advice do you have for Weedsport students of what they should be doing both during their high school career and once they leave Weedsport?

Keep yourself open to opportunities. In high school, I was sure I wanted to be a journalist. When I got to Syracuse, I had a major in photography and business. I’ve now decided to attend law school when I finish with my bachelors degree; something I never would have chosen for myself when I was in high school. Take advantage of new things that come your way! You may find something you never thought you’d love.

Q: What experiences outside of college have helped you?

Outside of college, I’ve had several great internships that have taught me more than any class. The most beneficial experience I’ve had is working on a mayoral campaign for the city of Syracuse. I learned a lot about how campaigns function and made lots of connections with people who will be able to help me in the future.