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Big Brother Season Two Premiere!

Jaden Spencer, Donovan Dennis, Cory Calkins, Tim Feocco, Matt Delmar, and Kody Swartwood

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

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Weedsport’s Big Brother 2 is kicking off with an all new cast of 10 players ready to face off and win it all! The contestants participate in their first Head of Household competition and their first Power of Veto competition of the season. Who will rise to power? Check out the episode to find out!

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Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

With a passion for writing and some great new experiences under his belt, Chris Chalker is ready to take on his senior year with The Johnny Green, transitioning...

Donovan Dennis, Staff Member

Donovan Dennis is a sophomore at Weedsport. His potential for videography has only grown over the last few years. He has been interested in filming and...

Tim Feocco, Staff Writer

My name is Tim Feocco and I write sports articles. I enjoy basketball but like to watch mostly every other sport. I’m a Junior this year and I’m on...

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Big Brother Season Two Premiere!