Weedsport’s Big Brother 3 Episode 2

Jaden Spencer, Mitch Feocco, Cory Calkins, Matt Delmar, Tim Feocco, Matt Picciano, Forrest Nguyen, Cameron Chalker, Donovan Dennis, and Christina Jackson

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

In the second episode of Weedsport’s Big Brother 3, the houseguests turn on each other as the game amps up. With tensions on the rise due to a new Head of Household making a bold move and the second eviction looming, the Power of Veto is an all-important competition. Who will become the next Head of Household? Who do they nominate for eviction and what was their bold move? Who will win the Power of Veto? And who will be evicted? All that and more will be answered in this episode!