An original poem


I sit there on the phone at 3 am

And she asks me where it all went wrong 

You see, I could start from the beginning 

But that would take me too long

All you need to know 

Is that we were both to blame

But I won’t apologize 

For being afraid

Because you gave me countless reasons 

To walk away

But then it was my fault

So it didn’t matter anyway


About a summer later you show up again

You tell me that you miss me and you want to be friends

But several weeks later your mind had changed

And you tell me that your feelings have rearranged 

Of course I had doubts 

We’ve been here before

But in the end I believed you

When you said you were sure

So I guess this is my fault

And I’ll sit here and grieve 

But if there’s ever a next time

I won’t be so naive