A Look Inside Varsity Volleyball’s Great Start

Kascey Relfe, Staff Writer & Photographer

Editor’s Note: The WHS Varsity Volleyball team is off to an incredible 8-1 start in league play this year. The Johnny Green’s Kascey Relfe is not only a team member, but also a photographer, here is her look inside the great start to this year:

During the beginning of the volleyball season, our team had an instant spark. Every person got along with one another, and we had two team bondings during our first week as the official team. Pictures were taken, laughs were shared, and secrets were discussed. As our team grew closer we played more as a unit. Connections between passers and setters, setters and hitters, and passers to hitters, were made to the point of no breaking. As a team we may dip down in our spirits, but we always lift each other up when we’re down. As team, we are family; as a family, we are unbreakable.

From the moment we meet at the high school entrance, and step on our bus, a new spirit is born. Stepping into every gym, our love for the game grows. As JV Volleyball prepares for their games, Varsity Volleyball begins to prepare as well. The sooner we can touch a ball and settle into our second home we feel secure and confident. Next, we watch a match of JV’s set of three games, and leave to get changed into our uniforms, as well as do each other’s hair, warm up together, and do our signature cheer before we see our coach.
Watching Coach Donahue walk into the gym with a huge smile on her face makes the team want to make her proud. We warm up with our partners, move into a passing drill, then a hitting drill. Finally, serving. As a volleyball player you know your coach will be disappointed with missed serves; therefore every missed serve equals one sprint.

Whether the team wins or loses, we learn from our mistakes and slowly improve day by day. However, the bus ride home is the time to talk to loved ones, or our favorite activity, sleep. Together we are a team, and no one could tear the bond we have between us.

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