No. 1 Weedsport Soars Past Fabius-Pompey


Ben Grieco

Senior, Steve Nemec tries to prevent anything from happening during an in-bounds play.

Ben Grieco, Staff Writer

The Weedsport Boy’s Varsity Basketball team defeated Fabius-Pompey 74-53 on February 14. With a low-to-average first quarter scoring, Weedsport was mainly playing offense. However, Fabius was able to take control during the second half of the first quarter.

“I was worried, because we had some cancellations, and it had been a long time since our last game,” said head coach, Jon Sgarlata. “We weren’t really doing anything wrong, it was just, the ball wasn’t going in.”

Senior JJ O’Connor was leading the team. He was shining on offense, and defense. He ultimately lead the game with a 19-point performance.

“It was nice, we got out to a lead we were comfortable at, and we were able to settle in,” said O’Connor. “We didn’t want to come out too hyped at the start of the game.”

The second quarter, Weedsport was able to pull away a little bit. O’Connor was drawing fouls, and the offense was still strong. However, Fabius was able to nail the three-pointers, as well as maintain a strong defense at the end of the half. The halftime score was 34-22 in Weedsport’s favor.

To start the second half, the game went back and forth. Neither team had much defense, but as the quarter went on, Weedsport’s offense was slowly coming together. But on defense, they were letting up rebounds to Fabius, and were committing too many fouls.

Moving towards the end of the game, the fouls were not on Weedsport’s side until Sgarlata spent time complaining to the refs.

“I thought they got a little desperate, and they called fouls a bit excessive,” said Sgarlata. “I felt we weren’t getting the same calls, sometimes you’ve gotta chirp to get them to call them.”

Weedsport scoring was still hard to come by, but there were more fouls being called, taking advantage of the situation. O’Connor was able to make the free throws, and Fabius was not taking too many chances. However, O’Connor got a technical foul with about two minutes left.

“I was a little shocked and surprised, but I went for the ball,” said O’Connor. “I wasn’t trying to do it. It’s a rule…It got me out of the game, that’s when I knew it was over.”

Weedsport was able to win 74-49, behind a strong Weedsport offense. But now, the defense will have to step up against a strong Westmoreland offense with two top shooters.

“I think a win, is a win, is a win,” said Sgarlata. “I think Westmoreland is a good team, they’ve been state ranked at times, and they have a couple good scorers.”

No. 1 Weedsport goes on to face No. 8 Westmoreland, at Weedsport High School on February 17, at 7PM. Westmoreland defeated No. 9 Port Byron 67-53, to get to the quarterfinal. However, O’Connor is looking for the wins after Westmoreland.

“They’re athletic, we’ve gotta come out, and do what we do best,” said O’Connor. “[We’ve] gotta look to get the win, just one game at a time.”