A look at the first Freshmen Team

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A look at the first Freshmen Team

Tim Feocco, Staff Writer

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Basketball is growing in Weedsport to the point that the school has started the first ever freshman team in Weedsport history. This is the first year they will do it and it will be a little different from the traditional JV and Varsity boys basketball. Since Weedsport teams are a smaller school, we can’t play teams around us like Port Byron or Cato because they don’t have freshman teams. So the freshman team has to play bigger schools like Westhill, Henninger, CBA, and Bishop Grimes. They don’t have as long as a season compared to JV and Varsity teams, but they have 11 tough games against these bigger schools. The freshman team has a lot of upside though because of their tight-knit play since the beginning. They are off to a good start, they are 3-0 with wins over Corcoran, Fulton, and Westhill. The Johnny Green sat down with Coach Crosby to ask him about the freshman team. Here are the results.

Q- How did the school come up with the idea of adding the freshman team?

A– Discussions about adding a freshman basketball team came about this past summer. With all the talent and upcoming talent in the basketball programs, we figured adding a freshman team was ideal and we thought it would balance the teams out well.

Q- How was the process of coming up with all the planning for the team and how it was going to start out?

A– The process was pretty easy — a lot of people were on board and thought it was a great idea. The most challenging part was finding schools around here that we could play, because most of the schools in our league do not have the numbers for a freshman basketball team.

Q- What is the goal moving forward for the group of kids you have now?

A– The goal moving forward is to develop and prepare these kids for the next level. By playing these tougher city schools I believe it is a great way to challenge and push these kids to become better basketball players.

Q- Is the goal the same or different next year?

A The goal is always the same when speaking of developing and preparing the athletes for the next level that never changes. Though each year is always different because no kid is the same, we always try to keep the same goal at this level.

Q- What is the ultimate goal for Weedsport Basketball going forward with this freshman team?

A The ultimate goal is again to prepare and develop the athletes for the next level. While pushing the athletes to be better versions of themselves each and every day.  

Overall, there is high-hopes for this experimental team to succeed and possibly set a new precedent for Basketball to be the focus of sports here in the school. 


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