Jets Looking For A Fresh Start With New Uniforms


Tim Feocco, Sports Editor

The Jets got new uniforms for the first time in 20 years. There are many sports people reacting to it. The Jersey itself is ok but some people are not fans of these new uniforms. They introduce three colors, “Gotham Green, Spotlight White, and Stealth Black.” These jerseys help signify a fresh start for a team that hasn’t been doing well in recent years. The Safety for the team, Jamal Adams said “It’s just a different swagger.” These new jerseys help with the new start and adds enjoyment also from the new things like the hiring of the new head coach Adam Gase and the signing of two top free agents in C.J. Mosley and Le’Veon Bell. These jersey create a newer looking style for the Jets who have had the pretty much same jersey throughout the years with only minor changes but now with these ones it’s a whole different look. These are some quotes from some of the players. “I think that a lot of old school people are going to have it grow on them,”Quincy Enunwa said and added, “It feels like a new team, in a way.” Sam Darnold the quarterback said this about the new uniforms when asked about if it will be like the Patriots when they won the superbowl after getting new jerseys “I think that’s just a coincidence,” Darnold said. “But no, maybe it’s a telltale sign. If we don’t play well, the uniforms are going to look crummy. If we play well, then they are going to look awesome.” The Helmets for the jerseys are green with a newer looking logo. The Jets had worn the same uniforms since 1998 and with this new design they hope for a good season next year. Tell us what you think about these new Jets uniforms.