Weedsport Students Excited for the Upcoming NFL Season


Jacob Field, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the 2019-2020 NFL season, there have been many surprises that have occurred as well as many events that have happened that were more than predictable. Some teams have started off undefeated or close to it while others haven’t had much luck with the beginning of the season. Many Weedsport students are NFL fans and there are mixed feelings about how they feel their teams are starting off this year. The Johnny Green asked students what they think about the season so far and what they think will happen for their team as the season continues. 

Long-time Kansas City Chiefs fan, Joe Guy is happy with how his team is starting out this season. When asked how he felt about the Chiefs season so far, Guy stated, “I feel great, I mean they started 4-0. I’m pretty sure that was expected by everyone because they had the former MVP.” Guy also stated, “I feel like we should win probably at least 12, most probably 14, 15.” He believes that the Chiefs, as long as they aren’t taken down by the Patriots in the AFC Championship, will go to the Super Bowl and win. When asked what team he is most worried about playing, he responds, “Obviously the Patriots, the powerhouse. Always good when you have Tom Brady.” He is least worried about the Chiefs playing any team in the AFC West. He knows that the Chiefs have dominated in their division the last couple of years so it should be easy to play them since they know what they are doing. Guy made a bold statement at the end of his interview with The Johnny Green. When asked if there was anything he would like to add, he said, “Mahomes, MVP, 2020.” We will have to wait and see if Mahomes becomes back to back league MVP, but Guy highly believes that it is going to happen. 

Buffalo Bills fan and also fellow Johnny Green member Donovan Dennis is excited to see what is to come for the rest of this season. Dennis states, “I feel pretty good, the Buffalo Bills are starting off 4-1, which is a good accomplishment since we haven’t done that since the early 2000s.” When asked how their season will continue, he says, “I feel like they’re going to do okay. I’m hoping that they will do better than in previous seasons.” He believes that it is time for the Bills to change things around from how they usually play because he knows that they haven’t done so well in previous seasons, especially more recently. Dennis does not have hope for the Bills going to the Super Bowl this season. He says, “Playoffs, I don’t think we are gonna go far in the playoffs, but if we maybe win about one or two games in the playoffs, then I will be happy.” Dennis is the most scared about playing the Patriots which they already lost to, in fact, the Patriots gave the Bills their only loss so far this season. He is grateful that the Bills do not play the Chiefs this season because they are another powerhouse in the League. When asked which teams he was least worried about playing, Dennis said, “The Giants because they suck, and the Dolphins because they also suck.” One thing that Dennis is unhappy about this season is about Josh Allen being under watch for a concussion. He thinks that the Bills will be unable to play well and win games if Allen ends up having to get taken out. 

So far this NFL season has been very interesting to watch. Whether there have been unexpected happenings occurring, or even predictable occasions, this season has kept fans on the edge of their seats. Fans have been patient with their teams depending on how they started off the season. They are looking forward to the rest of the season to find out the outcome and what their teams will accomplish this year.