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2017-2018 Staff

Allison Weston

Staff Writer


Karma Sobiech

Staff Writer


Lindsay Mickle

Staff Writer

My name is Lindsay Mickle, I’m a sophomore here at Weedsport and this is my second year writing for the Johnny Green and my second year at Weedsport since I moved here from Auburn High School last year, where there was no j...

Aly Germinara

Staff Writer


Aubrey Ouderkirk

Staff Writer

My name is Aubrey Ouderkirk. I’m a sophomore at Weedsport High, and I love poetry. ELA has always been my favorite, but more recently, I have taken a specific interest in writing poetry. I’ve always been heavily involved in...

Antonina Tortorello


Hey guys, My name is Antonina Tortorello and I'm a sophomore at Weedsport High School. This is my first year on the Johnny Green staff and I'm very excited! I enjoy spending my free time dancing, singing,  hanging out with my ...

Damon Roe

Staff Writer

My name is Damon Roe, I’m 15 years old and the biggest film fanatic you could ever meet. I’m a new writer and camera person of the Johnny Green, and I aspire to be a filmmaker. I have 3 older sisters, 1 older brother, and t...

Bridget Hickey

Staff Writer

Hey y’all! I’m Bridget Hickey and I’m a sophomore here at good ol’ Weedsport. I’m just your average nerdy girl who loves history and writing, which is pretty convenient since it’s my first year being a journalist here...

Ariel White

Media Assistant

Buckle up your seat-belts when preparing yourself for the works created by Ariel White. This young film editor, as well as photographer is always ready to create a project that the people will love. As a senior, Ariel plans to mak...

Madison Lewis

Staff Writer

I’m Madison Lewis and I’m a sophomore this year at Weedsport. This is my first year being a member of The Johnny Green staff. Most of my free time outside of school is spent with friends and family. I try my hardest in sch...

Forrest Nguyen

Illustrator/Comic Strip Artist

My name is Forrest Nguyen. It’s okay if you don't know how to pronounce my last name, nobody does. (For reference, it is pronounced /win/…) I'm that random 8th grader you might see walking through the halls. I’m just a little...

Tim Feocco

Staff Writer

My name is Tim Feocco and I write sports articles. I enjoy basketball but like to watch mostly every other sport. I’m a Junior this year and I’m on the basketball team. I like to play a lot of video games. I’ll be writing mostly sp...

Max Horsford

Staff Writer/Broadcaster

Max Horsford is a Junior staff writer and broadcaster. His interests include politics, sports, and making videos. He’s looking to make the Johnny Green great again.

Kaitlyn Jewell

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Kaitlyn Jewell. I am a junior. I love writing and drawing. I am engaged to the love of my life and he helps me through everything. My love writing and drawing is because it helps keep me calm and helps me expre...

Alexandra Leonardi

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Alexandra Lajo Leonardi. I am a freshman, and this is my first year as a Johnny Green staff member. My hobbies include drawing, painting, reading, writing and listing to music. I enjoy watching Netflix, my favorite...

Dustin Wilmot

Staff Writer

Dustin (or Dusty Rusty should call him) is currently a senior at Weedsport. Having read hundreds of books, he is the literal walking definition of a bookworm. If you looked up the definition for bookworm, you would undoubtedly...

Olivia Rudick

Staff Writer/Broadcaster

Hey guys, I’m Olivia Rudick and I’m a sophomore this year at Weedsport Jr./Sr. Highschool. I play field hockey, volleyball and softball, but I love music. I spend most of free time being with my friends, reading, singing an...

Greg Reeves

Staff Writer

Greg is a senior this year in high school. Yes, he chose his last year of high school to finally join the ranks of the Johnny Green. Greg has a large interest in History, Politics, and Science. However Greg will probably end up...

David Coyle

Staff Writer

Well, here it is at last, senior year. I don't really have that much to say but what  I can say is that I love economics, adventure, and debating anyone, and I mean anyone, could be the little old lady at Wegmans, or the bus...

Kevin Crossman

Staff Writer

Hey there people, my name is Kevin Crossman and I’m a senior. I love music and video games. I decided to join the Johnny green to learn about video production and expand my skills as a writer and speaker. I hope to someday ...

Thomas Higgins


“Born too late to explore the world, Born too early to explore the universe, born just in time to explore dank memes on the internet.” and then quote them for a bio you have to right to be apart of an epic program in the schoo...

Anjela Tousant


"Anjela is practically good at everything," says Tati Palombo. "When I'm older I want to be you," stated Haley Van Luven. Both of these things are great representations of Anjela Tousant, and I wouldn't disagree with anything...

Logan Tomaszewski


My name is Logan Tomaszewski, and I’m 15 years old. I like to communicate with people but was always scared to talk to crowds. I like to play football, soccer, build legos and play video games. My favorite subject is social s...

Joe Wloch

Staff Writer

I'm Joe Wloch, I am a 10th grader, this is my first year on the Johnny Green.  I play the trumpet, and I run Cross-country.  I read a lot, but much of my free time is spent drinking pepsi, and watching political commentary, ...

Angela Hackett

Staff Writer/Broadcaster

Angela Hackett is currently a junior here at Weedsport. She decided to be a writer and broadcaster. This is her 3rd year of the johnny green. Her personality is very alternative and probably the most stubborn person you've met....

Tate Tomandl

Weather Anchor/Broadcaster

HELLO THERE, RANDOM KID READING THIS, my name is Tate Tomandl. I'm 14 year-old freshmen and I'm excited to be on the Johnny Green. I love trains, electricity, weather, and music too. I'm looking forward for the years to come on...

Chris Chalker

Student Life Editor

T.V shows.... T.V shows...

Cassie Stanfield

Staff Writer

Cassie Stanfield is a Junior at Weedsport High School and this is her third year as a  member of the Johnny Green staff. In her free time Cassie likes to read, play the clarinet and hang out with her friends. As a writer, photo...

Eric Lin

Staff Writer

Hello, gents and lads. Name is Eric Lin. You can call me "Linny". I’m mostly interested in technology and how it's being developed. I’m also interested in the medical area. I’m a pretty open person otherwise. During my fre...

Ann Benson

Staff Writer/Broadcaster

Ann Benson is a Sophomore this year and can’t wait for… STOP RIGHT THERE CREEPY NARRATOR GUY! How did you even get in here?! Get OUT! Well… Howdy Weedsport! Yeah I’m a sophomore. So? Okay, really though! I love writing f...

Jon Wejko

Broadcaster/Staff Writer

"Hi I'm Jon Wejko, I'm the new Ben Greico, I'm the official Broadcast Tsar of the morning report. It's s my job to make sure it is boring and dull and to ensure no one is watching so get hyped for the year and make sure not to...

Derek Dietsche

Staff Writer

Derek Dietsche is a senior at Weedsport High. He is interested in writing and editing. His favorite interests are video games, sports, and politics. He plans to get great content on the morning report and to increase our view...

Amanda Brown

Staff Writer

Amanda is a junior at Weedsport and she’s excited for another school year. Some of her favorite things are playing music, cooking, and reading. She also likes spending time outdoors, lounging around in big comfy sweaters, a...

Chris Stricklin

Staff Writer

This is Chris. He’s a 17 year old Senior writing for the Johnny Green. Chris enjoys video games (obviously, look at his content) and is not very athletic (clearly). He is an average student, though by the way he acts, you wouldn...

Jacob Roden


Hi I’m Jacob Roden. I am a Junior this year, and this is my third year writing for the Johnny Green. I like to collect and play classic and new video games, I also like 80s and electronic music. I also create art and I am into...

Mackenzie VanEpps

Staff Writer/Broadcaster

"Mackenzie VanEpps is a junior at Weedsport who absolutely enjoys music and writing on her own time. She is definitely one of the somewhat weirder people of Weedsport, but she embraces her weirdness and is very proud of it. She lo...

Nathan Currier

News Editor/Writer

Nathan Currier (Or “Nate”). The man, the myth, the legend! He’s the man everyone strives to be: responsible, funny, smart, good at making himself appear better than he actually is... and being ironic for the sake of entertai...

Ben Germinara

Staff Writer

Ben Germinara, the man who's like a piece of gum on the sidewalk, leaves quite the impression. While you may be able to move on, even forget about that piece of gum stuck to your shoe, every time you look down you'll be reminded...

Jalen Flaherty

Media Publisher/Editor

Jalen Flaherty is currently a Senior at Weedsport Jr/Sr High School (obviously). She enjoys music, writing, and reading. Most of all she loves being with her friends. She believes the best thing on this earth is mint chocolate...

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