Joker is Overrated

Donovan Dennis, Staff Writer

The 2019 film Joker can be seen in a variety of ways… spectacular, good, mediocre, and just not too good. In my opinion, this year’s Joker was not the best movie. Joker has a unique story based on the facts from Batman comics and movies. Joker has hated the Wayne Family since he could remember. Joker was inspired to be Batman’s (Bruce Wayne) arch-enemy that’s always there to give batman a hard time. Joker has always had a traditional backstory until this year’s new movie, Joker. 

Joker was not what some were hoping it to be. The expectation of more action then backstory was deceiving. Viewers understand that the point of this movie was to get a different viewpoint of Joker but some viewers don’t like change too much. Some viewers are more in favor of the traditional Joker so this film wasn’t one some liked. Joaquin Phoenix had the mentality of being Joker but some don’t think he was made for the character. His laugh very irritable and it just got annoying after a while because he laughed so much. Just seeing Joaquin Phoenix as Joker wasn’t favored.  

The whole movie felt off in my opinion. Some really didn’t like how it took the majority of the movie to tell Arthur’s story of becoming Joker. There were random scenes that did not make sense to me. There were scenes that seemed like they’re were not needed. Arthur has an incident with a group of guys at a train station and runs to the public bathroom to calm himself. Arthur calms himself by doing various yoga moves. Honestly, that whole scene in the bathroom was not necessary and really confusing. 

If you are a person that does not like too much gore then this movie can be for you and it can also not be for you. The few violent scenes are very graphing to some extent. Yes, the graphic scenes go well with the movie being dark but if you don’t like gore then you should reconsider seeing Joker. There are very few action scenes so if you enjoy action, you may be disappointed until the end.