Spice Up Your Vocabulary: Words Rarely Used

Sometimes daily vocabulary can be boring. Here are words, from A to Z, that can add a little flavor to your vocab.

A- Azure: (Adj.)- Of or like the color of a clear sky; sky blue


B- Bel-esprit: (N.)- A clever cultured person


C- Chanson: (N.)- A song


D- Drab: (Adj.)- lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull.


E- Errant: (Adj.)- traveling in search of adventure; erring or straying from the proper course of Standards


F- Flibbertigibbet: (N.)- A frivolous, flighty, or excessively talkative person


G- Gonzo: (Adj.)- [Slang] bizarre, unrestrained, extravagant.

H- Hark: (V.)- to listen, lend an ear, pay attention


I- Insidious: (Adj.)- Characterized by treachery or slyness; crafty; wily


J- Jink: (V.)- to move swiftly or with sudden turns, as in dodging a pursuer


K- Kaput: (Adj.)- ruined, destroyed, defeated


L- Lachrymose: (V.)- shedding tears


M- Maffick: (V.)- to celebrate exuberantly and boisterously


N- Nescience: (Adj.)- lack of knowledge; ignorance


O- Octothorpe: (N.)- another term for the pound sign (#)


P- Perduellion: (Adj.)- treason


Q- Quassation: (Adj.)- act of shaking or being shaken


R- Ratiocinate: (Adj.)- to reason or argue logically


S-Scurrilous: (Adj.)- Grossly indecent or vulgar.


T- Terran: (N.)- an inhabitant of the planet earth


U- Usurp: (V.)- To take possession of by force.


V- Virulently: (Adv.)- in a bitter or hostile way


W- Wallydrag: (Adj.)- feeble or worthless person or animal


X- Xenogenesis: (Adj.)- generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent


Y- Yagness: (Adj.)- hunger

Z- Zabernism: (Adj.)- misuse of military authority; bullying