Weedsport Wonders “What is Going On With Ye?”


Recently, Kanye West posted some controversial topics on social media. He wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at Paris fashion week, and he also said that the rapper Sean Combs – known as Diddy – is being controlled by Jewish people. He has lashed out at Jewish people with multiple tweets; one was that he would soon go “Death con 3 on Jewish people.” He says he likes some of Hitler’s ideas.

Students at Weedsport have all heard about West’s most recent actions and have firm opinions about this topic. Weedsport senior Robert Chirco states, “I’m disgusted with Kanye, to say the least.” Chirco also states, “Kanye has said things like ‘I love Hitler’ and ‘Every human being has brought something of value, especially Hitler’. Hitler brought nothing but death and destruction to the people of Europe for the 12 years that he was in power, causing anyone he deemed ‘undesirable’ to be cast out of Germany or brought to the concentration camp, and yet Kanye praises him.” Chirco thinks Kanye is definitely in the wrong and what he has done changed his opinion of him in a negative way.

Weedsport senior Emma Millus has been a long-time Kanye West fan but is concerned with his recent behavior. Millus states, “Kanye is in the wrong for what he said – I think it’s really disgusting he said this. He also has issues of his own and it seems as if he doesn’t know what he is saying sometimes.” Millus is saying she thinks he’s in the wrong, but also thinks he has mental problems that he needs to fix and sometimes doesn’t know what he’s saying and/or can’t help it. Millus also says that her opinion of Kanye has changed because what he said was very gross but she’s been a Kanye fan for a long time. She feels even though he was in the wrong it’s not going to make her stop listening to his music because she still really likes his music.

Millus and Chirco both agree that Kanye’s behavior and words have been harmful but Millus states that people need to consider Kanye’s mental health struggles when judging him. Chirco believes Kanye was in the wrong and nothing else should be considered.