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Springtime Brings Flowers… and New Music Too


Even though it is only April, there have already been so many music releases. Albums, singles, teasers. This ranges from popular artists who always stay in the spotlight like Kanye West and Taylor Swift, to some artists making a comeback after almost a decade like Justin Timberlake. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and most recent:


Vultures 1 by Kanye West

Not everyone is a fan of Kanye West these days but, they do have a lot to say about his new album. Vultures 1 is an album by Kanye West and featuring Ty Dolla Sign, North West, Playboi Carti, and more. This album was released February 10th, 2024. Despite the personal bash to Kanye the reviews on the album seem pretty positive and high. Overall given about 4.6 out of 5 stars. It was a debut album also released on the 20th anniversary of Kanye’s studio debut album. You can listen to this on almost every platform including spotify, youtube, pandora, and apple music. Some people have nothing but positive things to say about the “irresistible” beats and songs included in this album, “One of Ye’s best albums for me personally. First listen I wasn’t too sure, only liking “PAID” and “DO IT”, but after listening a few more times I appreciated the artistic value of the album as a whole. The wordplay, flow, references and mix of harder drill-type music and melodic rap make for a classic. And that’s the beauty of the album, it’s so replayable.” (MiniGaming HD) Others feel this is just another degrading, delusional piece from him. “Each track on here sounds like you’re in a drug induced dream. The lyrics are either lackluster and forgettable or cringe inducing and childish.” (Michael Wiley) The songs on this album include: Stars, Talking, Do It, Keys to my Life, Carnival, Vultures, and many more. 


The Tortured Poets Department Taylor Swift 

This album is going to be a popular one but it is not yet released. By Taylor Swift and predicted to be released on April 19th, 2024. This is her first album since her takeback with ´Taylors Version´, and since she started her iconic “Era’s Tour.” She has already released the names of the 17 tracks, some of them being: Fresh out the Slammer, Florida!!!, loml, and Guilt as a sin. She announced this album during her Grammy Speech and fans seem to be very excited for what’s to come. Stay Tuned!


Orquideas Kali Uchis 

Kali Uchis is an artist who is continuing to rise and grow. She recently released this album Orquideas. It was released earlier this year in January. Alongside this album her and another artist Don Toliver welcomed their first son along with Toliver’s new music video. This album has 14 tracks including Young Rich & In Love, and Diosa. There aren’t a ton of reviews overall, but almost all of them are amazing. She has received 98% likes on google for this album. People enjoy this album for working out, in the car, cleaning, even just helping them get things done. 


Deeper Well by Kacey Musgraves 

This album Deeper Well by Kasey Musgraves just released. It’s her sixth studio album. Previously, her song “Merry Go ‘Round” won the Best Country Song Grammy award, and “Same Trailer Different Park” won Best Country Album. Although new, so far this album has received phenomenal reviews. The only complaint so far is that it’s not her best, because her best is hard to beat. She is known for very tasteful music even when it does not reach the top charts. This album is aimed around comfort and care. Some songs included in it are Anime Eyes, Jade Green, and Heaven is. It also includes a bonus track called ‘Ruthless.’ 


Everything I Thought It Was Justin Timberlake

This is another very recent release, also from March 15th, this year. It is called Everything I Thought It Was by Justin Timberlake. This has been his first release in over six years. It has also had quite positive reviews so far. It’s definitely a toss up for artists like this when they haven’t made new music in so long. But fans like that Timberlake is back and seemingly better than ever. This is a modern take with the same vibe as his old music and his unique voice is always appreciated. Some tracks on this album include Memphis, Technicolor, and Drown. Fans hope this means there is more to come. 


Saturn By SZA

Saturn by SZA is a single. It was released in February of this year, after she leaked a clip of it long before. For fans it was a long awaited release. This was definitely a hold over for everyone while we wait for her upcoming release of her studio album Lana and a reissue of her album SOS. This song is about escapism and why good things happen to bad people. In every song SZA not only nails it with her voice, but also the background, lyrics, and beat. This was a surprise release after she officially announced it at the Grammys. “Saturn” includes a twinkly instrumental, and as a result another hypnotizing melody for her to add to the books. 


Never Lose Me Flo Milli, SZA, and Cardi B 

This song is a part of a newly released album by Flo Milli. This is a remake of her latest and most popular single Never Lose Me. This was another spontaneous release giving only a few hours heads up. This is an iconic collab with two other hugely successful women, Cardi B, and SZA. She has teased some type of collab since Cardi Bs pop up on her instagram. She is now headlining and we expect to see more things like this in the rest of the album. 


Make sure to go check out all these albums, and SZAs single. You can listen on almost every platform including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Pandora. Give some feedback and see what side you agree with on how these artists did. What new music would you like to see next?

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