All Kinds of Habits

All Kinds of Habits

Face it, we all have a habit. Whether its biting your nails or procrastinating. Habits are just routines of behavior in people’s lives, it takes about 66 days to develop a habit.

Habits come in all different forms! There are nervous habits like shaking or stammering, or funny habits like sleeping with a hairdryer (which is a real habit said by someone on TV.)  There are also bad habits like biting your nails down to the nub and the habit of daydreaming at inconvenient times. Even though people have bad habits, we also have good ones too! Making a “to do” list, is a great habit because it helps you with time management.

There is a way to get rid of unwanted habits, remove the thing that triggers the habit. This does not mean if you smell food before you eat it, cut off your nose! If you bite your nails there are clear nail polishes that taste bad when you bite your nails. You could use the nail polish as a way to encourage you to stop.

Onto funnier habits, I researched some strange habits people have. Some were eating ice cream only when it’s melted, and writing postcards to yourself all of the time!

I spent some time traveling around the school asking everyone in sight what their funny or unusual habit was! Unfortunately, only a few could think of one, but we finally found three people who could! Mr.Franco makes a funny face when he plays the guitar (and plays with his wedding ring.) Mr. Lobello looked through his mother’s fridge before anything else whenever he went over to her house, even if he wasn’t hungry! Lastly, Nikki Soutar, Kascey Relfe, Ella Lawler, and Abby Guerrette all smell books before reading them!

Do you have funny habits? Or do you know people with funny habits? Whatever they are, we all have them, so there is no shame.