Worst Assignments… EVER!

Have you ever had a homework assignment that just made you so angry you wanted to give up? Well don’t worry, you’re not alone. This happens a lot, especially in the troubling times of high school. I interviewed a few teachers and students to find out what homework assignments really grinded their gears……

Sara Treat: TL’s immigration project: “ I didn’t really know a lot about my great grandfather so I had to go online to figure out about my great grandfather, so it took me a lot longer than I thought.”

Meghan Cherry: gym homework: “I hate gym homework because it makes gym class like every other class in school with homework instead of fun, like gym is supposed to be.”

Ben Grieco: math homework: “It’s hard to understand and very frustrating.”

Mrs. Izzo: any English assignment: English wasn’t her favorite class and she had to write essays that she really didn’t want to write.

Everyone has a homework assignment that is hard and makes them frustrated at least once in their life, but homework is an important part of education and is needed to succeed.

Here are some helpful tips that could help you in the future with those pesky homework assignments…..

*tip #1- organize materials and assignments

*tip#2- make a “To Do” list

*tip#3- work on the more frustrating assignments first

*tip#4- work in intervals

*tip#5- reward yourself when you are all finished

These are all great tips to succeed when doing difficult assignments. Now get to work!!