DBs: A Weedsport Summer Icon


Jocelyn Kepple

Top to Bottom: DBs serves a variety of food choices, but ice cream is the main attraction.

Everyone in Weedsport knows the place to go when having a sudden urge  for ice cream. From their steak fries to garden salads, DBs has the best meals and ice creams to enjoy with family and friends. DBs has been open since 1969. The building was originally a family owned business used to specialize fried chicken. Paula Roberts bought the building in 2000. Roberts plans to keep it a family business. DBs has impacted Weedsport in many ways in the 20 years it has been open, and Roberts talked to the Johnny Green’s Jocelyn Kepple (who also shot the photos) recently to discuss what kind of a role DBs has played in her life as an owner, and what role she thinks DBs plays in the life of the community.


Weedsport Alumna Alexis Short makes a soft serve cone.


Roberts started by discussing the reasons for not being open all year long. “We are just so busy in the warm weather and the work hours get long. We also don’t have enough space in the building and the building doesn’t maintain heat well.”




Next, we moved on to a discussion about the difficulties of being a mom while managing a family business. “It was definitely difficult. I tried to split time between business and being a mom. I tried my best to commit to both as much as I could, but there was times when I had to miss some stuff. My daughter was only 8 years old when I bought the building.”



Weedsport 5th Grader Madelyn Kepple enjoys a mint chocolate chip.


Next, we discussed the things that Roberts hated and loved about her job. “Well there are many things that I love about my job. I love working for myself and everything I put in I get out. And I love the people and the community, everyone’s so nice and polite.”


Weedsport siblings Landon and Tayson Kepple enjoy their cones.


“There are a few things that I don’t like as much, like the time I have to commit. During Memorial Day, I had to work 15 hours while my family was out having a picnic. But I’d have to say that there are more positives than negatives.”



Top to Bottom: DBs serves a variety of food choices, but ice cream is the main attraction.


Roberts says that she thinks that DBs is a, “Good gathering place for family and friends. We make many donations and support the community in many different ways.”


Weedsport’s Kelly and Emma Grieco spend some quality mother/daughter time on a recent night at DBs.


Weedpsort 9th Graders Alanna Golden and Megan Fatcheric wait for food at a booth.