Freezing Weather to Continue

Lately it seems like everyone you know has talked about it nearly every day.  About the freezing, bone-chilling, nearly-the-next- ice-age cold.  For the Northeastern United States, the cold has kept coming, and coming…and coming.  This brutally long winter has gotten old, and I hate to be the one to say it, but you can keep expecting colder weather for a while.

 According to the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac, spring in the northeast will entail a good amount of rain, snow, cloudiness and guess what? Cold temperatures.  This weather pattern will continue on into the middle of April, when it is expected that an unusual warm period will finally seem to show the first signs of spring.  Don’t get your hopes up though; the experts say that this decent weather will come to an abrupt halt when a late-season snowstorm will once again invade the United States. Just our luck, it’s expected that once the storm blows through, even more rain and chilliness will persist until Memorial Day when hopefully things will finally heat up for the unofficial start of summer, and stay that way.

All we want here in New York is spring.  The cold and snow and cloudiness needs to leave us once and for all so we can finally get outside and enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, the only sign of a possible spring is the longer days and shorter nights.  Just hang in there and don’t go crazy.