Music Industry Class Rocks Auburn Public Theatre

The ambiance of the Auburn Public Theater was that of a jazz club on Thursday night. Candles were lit on every table, dimly illuminating the faces of intrigued audience members. The smell of coffee filled the air and the lights that shone on the stage weren’t harsh or blinding but added to the relaxing mood. The only thing missing seemed to be a lonely saxophone player, sitting in the corner, playing some smooth jazz. Everyone one in the audience would’ve drifted into a pleasant sleep.

Luckily, the audience wasn’t there to sleep. They were there to hear music, and the Weedsport Music Industry class was ready.

Despite the lazy feel of the room, these students were able to keep their sizable audience of about 60, very much awake with a combination of covers and original songs.

In complete contrast with their surroundings, the bands performed common pop song swith a heavy twist.” (i.e. more like heavy metal music) This original spin on modern songs kept the crowd alive, and the night interesting.The performance that really seemed to get the crowd going was a cover of Reptilia by The Strokes. It featured the vocal talents of Dominique Ward, Kaitlin Root on bass, Brandon Androsko on drums, and Tim Reeves and Mr. Franco on guitar.

Franco has played a crucial role in getting his students these opportunities. Not every teacher is such an active part of the work their students do, in Franco’s case, getting up on stage a performing with them.

Music industry student, Kierstin Davis said, “[Franco] has taught us everything and pushed us to be the best we can be.”

Franco leads by a shining example and provides his students with, what Davis calls an “overwhelming but exciting” chance to perform live.