A Summer of Culture for Weedsport

Summer in Weedsport tends to be the same old thing every year. Db’s runs are made almost daily, Fairhaven beach fills up with students doused in sunscreen, and the fall athletes begin their training. This summer, however, was special. Weedsport had ten students from foreign countries come to stay, spicing up the summer adventures. If you did not get a chance to meet them, read a little about their time here below.

Marta Papiano

Host Student: Makayla Adams, 9th Grade

From: Madrid

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Favorite Memories: Niagara Falls and Darien Lake

Hardest part of coming to the U.S.: The time difference


Makayla and Marta

Charlotte Duclos

Host Student: Brooke Hammersley

From: France

Favorite Activity: Swimming and walking the dog

Favorite Memories: “When I went to the grandparents’ summer house. It was so beautiful and we ate hot dogs next to a lake. I can’t see that kind of landscape in France.”

Hardest Part: “The language because I have a bad accent”


Brooke and Charlotte


Anna Lagoubie

Host Student: Alexis Field, 9th Grade

From: France

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Favorite Memories: Trip to Myrtle Beach, camping, and tubing

Hardest Part: “Missing the birthday of my little brother and my host family talking fast.”

alexis field

Anna and the Field Family

 Anais Fritsch

Host Student: Lochlyn Brown, 9th Grade

From: France

Favorite Activity: Shopping and painting

Favorite Memories: Niagara Falls, meeting new people, and camping

Hardest Part: “Communication because even if you can understand and make people understand you, it’s totally different from speaking English in France.”

lochlyn and bubba

Anais, Lochlyn and her younger brother, Braedon 

Patricia Fernandez

Host Student: Mikayla Rathbun

From: Spain

Favorite Activity: Watching movies and playing basketball

Favorite Memories: “I liked going out to the mall and visiting new places.”

Hardest Part: “To me, it was the food. Here you have a lot of different kinds of food. A lot of cereal and sauces. I am not used to eating as you eat here. I mean, you are eating all the time. I remember that when I went to Niagara Falls, the family I went with wanted ice cream. I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t buy any and the mother told me, ‘You are in America and we eat all the time, even when we’re not hungry so eat like and American.’ ”


Patricia and the Rathbun Family


Iciar Bregon

Host Student: Amber Vanluven, 10th Grade

From: Spain

Favorite Activity:Swimming and going to the gym

Favorite Memories: Going to Canada and spending time with his host family

Hardest Part: Eating at different times


Josephine Semaille

Host Student: Amber Vanluven, 10th Grade

From: France

Favorite Activity: going out with friends, spending time outside with my family

Favorite Memories: Going to Canada and doing Zumba

Hardest Part: “The food. I don’t eat so much in France, and the food is really fattening! I always have dinner between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. but here my dinner is around 5 p.m.”