Helping Weedsport “Arive Alive”

Simulator Helps Weedsport Students Understand the Danger of Distracted and Impaired Driving


Distractions while driving is the number one cause of car accidents in the U.S today. One of the biggest distractions to people when driving is the use of cell phones. Recently in Weedsport, we had the “Arrive Alive” team come out and show students the dangers of texting and driving first hand. They had a real car hooked up to a VR system and brought the students to come outside and give a virtual experience of the dangerous action. Keyton Burleson, a sophomore at Weedsport High School answered a couple of questions on the topic:

¨I think the program was very helpful in giving a first-hand experience of texting and driving, along with the dangers of it. After the simulation was over they explained the type of ticket you would receive from getting pulled over. It can be anywhere from an expensive fine to jail time depending on the amount of destruction caused. I have been in two accidents involved with texting and driving, and first hand I can tell you it very scary.¨ As you can see texting and driving is extremely dangerous.

Another sophomore at Weedsport high school, Bri Farrelley, answered the same questions, here is her response, ¨I think the program was helpful in explaining the dangers of texting and driving. I participated in the simulation, but since I’m not old enough to drive yet I’ve never experienced being in an accident before.” According to Bri, the program was very beneficial to her and she enjoyed the experience.

It’s important that you stay away from distractions when driving, things like texting and driving can be prevented. When you get in the car, put your phone away so you’re not even tempted to get on your phone. Try to stay away from other distractions as well like like talking on the phone or even eating while driving. When you’re driving you are not only putting your life on the line but other people’s around you as well.