Big Shoes To Fill

Mrs. Caples Has Taken on the Difficult Task of Filling in for Ms. Leonardi

Mrs. Caples has been busy this year.

Emilee Brown

Mrs. Caples has been busy this year.

Last fall, Theresa Leonardi had to take some time away from teaching due to personal reasons. Mrs. Caples was asked to take over her job until Leonardi was ready to come back. Caples knew it wouldn’t be an easy task because Leonardi does so much for Weedsport, but she was willing to take on the responsibility.

“I am happy to take over this position because I like the school and students,” Caples said.

Leonardi goes above and beyond not just with her regular history classes, but also with the yearbook, Warrior Warehouse, and many events to honor veterans.  

Caples shares with The Johnny Green, “I believe that a teacher is a personality. You can teach the subject, you just need to gain the knowledge.”

Caples shared how she learned along the way. When teaching, she is able to answer questions students have even if it isn’t related to a certain subject or time period. This has been great for students because we can go along in the school year without a bump in the road with Leonardi on leave.

Of course with a big job like this help is going to be wanted and needed. Caples tells us, “Teachers here at Weedsport have helped me a ton and the BOCES groups too. Having teaching experience of course is a big help.” 

Currently all classes who have Mrs.Caples were assigned to make cards for veterans. This is something Leonardi always did, students did them at the beginning of the school year with her and now we are doing them with Caples. We knew from doing them with Leonardi there is a lot of effort to be put into making this special for them. Each student was assigned lists of names to make cards for, after that is completed Caples has to check each one individually. Each veteran gets a decorated envelope with all their cards from the students as well as a pin, and a printed letter.

This is a lot of work on the students part, and especially Mrs. Caples. In the end it is worth it, the veterans are very appreciative to receive these. 

Over all, students believe that Caples has done a great job taking over for Leonardi when she is taking time away.