The Dreadful Monday After Break

Everyone dreads the Monday coming back to school after break, but what is the hardest part about getting back into the swing of things? Your sleep schedule is messed up, you forget everything you’ve learned before the long break, and you’re not used to being in classrooms all day.

The struggle is different for everyone. So let’s talk about some ways to get back to normal. First things first is getting your sleep schedule back on track. There’s nothing worse than waking up at 6 am being extremely tired and having to stay awake and learn all day. Some things you can do to fix that are turn all your electronics off an hour before you want to be asleep. You will get relaxed and want to fall asleep.

Another thing you should do to feel well-rested is to eat a good breakfast in the morning.  Make sure you go to see your teachers if you don’t feel you are where you need to be. It might seem like you are completely miserable and everything sucks but everyone around you is going through the same thing, you’re not alone. 

The Johnny Green spoke with Emma Stark and Jenna Sullivan to get their perspective on getting back to school after a break. They seemed to have the same opinion as many other people, it’s very hard to get back to doing things. They gave some advice on how to get back to normal:

Q1: What is the hardest part about coming back to school after a long break?

A1: Waking up early and sitting through classes.


Q2: What is something you do to get back to normal?

A2: Drink coffee 


Q3: What is a tip you would give to people who have a hard time getting used to things?

A3:  Form a routine and follow it every day. 


It might be different coming from a student’s point of view so we also talked to a teacher who probably also struggles getting back into things. Here is what Mrs. Speer had to say:

Q1: Is it hard for you to come back to school after a long break?

A1: “Usually if it’s a long weekend it’s not a big deal but after Christmas it’s harder.”


Q2: What is something you do to make the first few days more bearable?

A2: “I get myself ready, pick my clothes out make sure my lunch is packed and I’m early.”


Q3: What is most difficult about coming back to school?

A3: “Just being tired.”


Something to be learned from speaking with these people is, it’s definitely going to be hard coming back and you are going to have some struggles but just establish a routine and it will make life so much easier for you.

Everyone has their own feelings about coming back to school and their ways of getting back into the swing of things. It could be harder for others, and might not even bother some at all. After Christmas break we have February break to look forward to, then April break. Think of all the positive things in the future rather than the negative things. Especially at Weedsport, we have a lot of fun things going on to make the school year fun. We have semi-formal coming up in February for the 9th-12th graders, Junior prom for the juniors, and spring sports are coming up in a few months. Breaks are always nice and it always sucks to go back to school but there are definitely ways to make it better and more enjoyable. 

We hope reading this makes you realize that there are ways to deal with every hard situation not just coming back to school. Make the best out of everything!