Weedsport Students Get a Taste of Life at Syracuse University

Weedsport students from Mr. Sgarlata’s Health and Mrs. DeJohn’s Business classes took a trip to Syracuse University on Nov. 16th to tour the campus. They toured the JMA Wireless Dome and the Carmello K. Anothony (Melo) Center. The day ended with a trip to Marshall Street to get food at Varsity Pizza Shop and go to Shirt World to check out Syracuse clothes.

One of the students that went on this trip was Deanna Jackson. Jackson said, “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” 

The students started off the day by taking a bus to the Dome. They got dropped off by the loading center. Once they entered, they were greeted by a tour guide on the lowest floor. 

Many of the students said their favorite part was being courtside. When basketball is in season, half of the football field is taken up by the court. Mostly everything in the Dome can be moved, the rows of seats and the basketball court itself.

Jackson said her favorite was, “Getting to see the locker rooms, they were very big.” 

At the Melo Center, they got to see the turf. Jackson said, “At the turf, the softball girls were practicing. They all looked like they were practicing independently. Not having a coach tell them what to do all the time.” 

Varsity Pizza was a big hit for the students. It was enjoyable to be able to hang out with Weedsport students outside of a school setting. Jackson says, “Varsity Pizza was amazing. I got garlic and cheese pizza.”  

It is easy to see why college kids like the restaurant so much. It was fast and great. 

Overall the trip was fun and exciting. All the students got a great experience and learned all sorts of new things.