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Snodgrass Brings Her Good Vibes to School and Sports


It’s a typical school day at Weedsport Jr-Sr High School. Kids are crowding the halls, rushing to get to their next class. Some kids have their AirPods in pushing people to get out of the way, and talking to teachers, but Olivia Snodgrass, one of Weedsport’s junior athletes is seen talking to her friends smiling and laughing. Olivia isn’t pushing and shoving past people instead she is saying “Excuse me.” “I’m so sorry for bumping into you.” Olivia is always seen trying to make people’s days even if she isn’t having such a good one herself. You can always spot Olivia down the hall with her long blonde hair and a smile that is brighter than the sun.

In high school, it’s hard to always keep your head up high and be nice to everyone but Olivia finds a way. She finds comfort and joy in making others happy.

“I just try to live life to the fullest. I just know that being negative is not something I want to do. I feel like being positive gets me through my days and even helps me with my running and school. I feel like it’s just easier to be around as well.”

Olivia’s positive outlook on life and kindness helps remind people that there is always tomorrow and there is no telling what is going to come next. Enjoy every second.

Running for the girls cross country team, Olivia has developed a lot of stamina. This stamina comes in handy not only for running but also for if people were mean to Olivia.

“I can’t handle conflict with my own life. I just want to stay out of it. If someone wanted to make fun of me I would probably just blow it off. Maybe it would upset me a little bit but I’m not going to try to take it to heart too much because there’s no point.”

Olivia has been described as a very happy-go-lucky person but she described herself as “understanding”.

“I just try to be in other people’s shoes for any circumstance and I just try to understand people as a whole.”

Every athlete has something or someone that inspires them to push themselves to be a better person or a better athlete. Olivia’s very supportive family and friends have impacted her life on who she is today but they have also made her a better athlete.

Olivia has started a new indoor running program this year. The indoor running program is run by Cato, but Olivia got to pick what school she wanted to go with since Weedsport doesn’t have an indoor running program. The program is said to go till the beginning of February, therefore it’s the perfect time for Olivia to be practicing for track.

“So far it’s going really well. I’m having more fun than I thought I would. It’s just really enjoyable because it’s different. I’m doing events I’ve never done before.”

Olivia competed November 29 and also competed December 7 at Onondaga Community College (OCC). Olivia says she competed in the 1000 and the 300. Olivia claims to be nervous for her meets so she tries to calm down and drink a lot of water. “I mean it’s fun to be nervous because of your adrenaline and stuff but if you’re too nervous it’s not good.”

With the indoor running program Olivia got to select a team to run for and she picked Cato. “I picked Cato because all my friends are at Cato and I love them. I’m an individual. I can’t get points for them because we can’t combine but I practice with them and their coach coaches me.”

This new program is giving Olivia the ability to branch out and do certain things she hasn’t done before. In the end the program will get her ready for track seasons and make her a better athlete as well as making her look forward to something everyday now that cross country is over.

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