Junior Class Enjoys a Day of Fun at the Rochester Museum of Science


On Wednesday, the Junior Class settled on a bus for the long haul to the Rochester Museum of Science. Thanks to the organizational skills of Mrs. Weston and Mr. Bleakley, we were able to enjoy a day packed with science experiments and an electrifying surprise.

We learned about polymers, played with static electricity and lit light bulbs by pedaling a bike. The highlight of the day was a shocking electricity show. We all donned our protective ear-wear and watched man made bolts of lightning strike the ceiling to the beat of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and Katy Perry’s Firework.

Junior class adviser and chaperone, Mrs. Holden said she thought the day was a success. “Although Rochester is small, the museum itself was a good experience.”

Holden, being a science teacher, particularly enjoyed the polymer lab, where we made blue goo and stuck pointy dowels through a balloon without popping it.

“It was neat to see the concepts you have learned in lab applied in everyday life,” Holden added.

Below are some pictures captured by Mr. Bleakley, Mrs. Weston, and other students.

boys boat

maddie bike