Hahn Leads Evolution of Weedsport Library


The Weedsport school library is a very comfortable place to do work and check out books, but it goes much deeper than that. 

Mrs. Hahn, the school librarian, has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell College in Iowa. Her first master’s degree was at SUNY Oswego, and her library degree is from Buffalo. 

Mrs. Hahn not only runs the library but also teaches a class called “Connections” for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This class happened right after the pandemic; it’s a way for students to connect. Its focus is on social and emotional learning, informational literacy, media literacy, and an opportunity to chat and connect with other students.

The library is always a relaxing place to chill out, read, or do some work. Mrs. Hahn said she creates this welcoming environment by, “Always having the door open as much as possible, I smile and greet the students at the door, I try to allow students to make choices that suit them, like listening to music or doing whatever work they want, but within boundaries or following the school rules…I try to just know each student and welcome them and ask them questions about their personal life.” 

Mrs. Hahn said she loves the students and loves working with the teachers and connecting them with new ideas and new technology. She says she loves when students try new things and turn out successful with them. 

“Even 10 years ago the library used to be a place to come and read and be quiet, work on some projects, and do some research. Now it’s a place to hang out, play games and interact socially.” Some students still come in to check out books or do work but recently it’s shifted to, “a place to connect with friends and relax a little bit.” 

Covid had many effects on the library. “One of the worst ways is that students don’t check out books anymore,” said. Hahn. Students read a lot more in their classes now, instead of checking out books and reading on their own. 

Hahn said, “I see the future of the library as kind of a hub in the school, or at least that’s the goal, a place where all kinds of things are happening in the library like technology, learning, book connection, clubs, groups, games. It’s a place for students to be relaxed but also challenged.”