Handwriting: Is it a Problem?

Is handwriting a problem in today’s society? This is a question I ask myself. Handwriting can be messy or neat, which in some cases can be a problem. Graphologists say that writing in cursive or just plain writing in general tells a lot about a person. If this is true, then do teachers judge students by their handwriting as well? Mr. Sgarlata, the school’s health teacher, gave his opinion on handwriting…

“Handwriting is said to reflect a person’s personality, but it depends on how you look at it,” he said. “It seems that you can tell the gender of a person by their handwriting most of the time.”

Sgarlata went on to say that he does not judge students by their handwriting.

Handwriting is a big part of life today, but critics say that handwriting may disappear within the next ten years. If so, then what will be our new source of communication? Well, as humans we have created a new way to communicate that is a lot faster and more sufficient than using the good old pen and paper. This is called technology and it is advancing more and more everyday as we speak.

Apple products, for example, are creating a new age of technology causing handwriting to disappear. With all the increasing technology today, handwriting may just fade away.