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What Does Weedsport Expect in the Upcoming Presidential Election?


Every four years there is a Presidential election. The last Presidential election was in 2020, when Biden beat Trump by 7,059,547 votes. This year, 2024, Trump is running again to go against Biden. In the Democratic party, Biden, Willamson, and Palmer are running for the presidential spot. In the Republican Party, Trump is the only one running. For the independent and Third-Party, Kennedy, West, and Stein, are running. Binkley, Burgum, Christie, DeSantis, Elder, Hurd, Hutchinson, Johnson, Pence, Ramaswamy, Scott, Suarez, Haley, and Philips are all people who dropped out and decided to not run for President anymore. 

What are plans that Trump has if he were to win the Presidential Election? Trump said that he wants to “Totally obliterate the deep state.” He wants to do this because they are “Corrupt bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system.” Trump wants to crack down on Government officials who leak information to reporters. Trump wants federal employees to pass a new civil service test. Trump wants to stop the invasion of the southern border (Mexico). As part of that plan he wants ICE to take on the “largest domestic deportation operation in American History.” Trump says that he will move thousands of troops who are stationed overseas and put federal agents to immigrant enforcement. Trump wants to reimpose his idea of a travel ban on seven countries that contain the majority of Muslims. Trump also wants to end birthright citizenship using an executive order. Trump says he will enforce a system of tariffs of 10% on foreign goods. Trump wants to phase out Chinese made goods, and wants to ban Chinese companies from owning anything vital to the U.S. Trump says that he stands with Hamas and supports Israel’s effort to destroy Russia, and that he will continuously “Fundamentally reevaluate” NATO’s purpose. Trump wants to ask congress to pass a law so that there is “only two genders.” Trump wants to terminate the educational department, but he also wants to put influence over local school districts, and colleges. Trump wants to give a preference for funding to teachers, he wants to cut funding for schools that have a mandatory rule for vaccines or masks. Trump wants to build city tents for the homeless, and he wants to reinstitutionalize men and women who have been declared as mentally ill, or have bad mental disorders, or are deranged. Trump wants to send the National Guard into dangerous cities that are struggling with violence. 

Biden wants different things than what Trump wants. Here are some of the things that Biden wants to do in the U.S if he is reelected. Biden plans to raise the taxes on the wealthy, but not the people who are poor. Biden wants a 25% tax weight, minimally, on the wealthy people in America. Biden wants to bring back the first two years of community college to be free. He wants to put limits on prescription drug prices. Biden wants to limit the price to 7% for child care income for families. Biden wants to reduce gun-violence, which should help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and dangerous people. Biden wants a more efficient background check, like a psychological background check, to see who “is and is not fit” to be in possession of a gun. Biden says that if his party picks up more seats (progress or succession), he will then push for legislation to make abortion rights legal. Biden was for abortion, he said that he was not big on the idea of abortion because of religious reasons but he supported women getting abortions in certain situations. Joe Biden wants to take another leap at getting illegal immigrants out of the US. Biden wants to send military support to Israel and Ukraine. The most successful spot Biden has ever had in office is helping with Global Warming, and he wants to put more strict rules on cars and power plants, he also wants to push towards more electrical advances, like cars. 

The Johnny Green sent out a Google Form and had people answer some questions. One question was: Who do you think is going to win the election, and who do you want to win? 73.3% of people said that they think Trump is going to win, and 60% said that they want Trump to win. 26.7% of people said that they think Biden is going to win the election and 40% of people want Biden to win. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the things that people put down based on their answers. 


  1. Why do you want Trump to win?
  • “Lower Inflation…” “Lower Gas..” “Biden was a terrible president last year and this year so far” “Trump is more likely to secure the United States….” “


2. Why do you want Biden to win?

  • “He’s just a better person, better moral choice in my opinion… With Trump’s history, I trust and feel much safer with Biden in office.” “Lots of support from other countries.” “Trump does not want to follow democratic process or rules.. [Trump] does not set a good example through his actions or words.”


3. If Biden were to win the presidential election, what do you think he would bring to the table?

  • “I do not love all of Biden’s policies, but he is a more stable option of the two.” “Lower our inflation…” “Dumbness” “Reproductional freedom.” “High gas…high prices…” “Stability.” “Raise in taxes.” “I wish there was another option besides Trump and Biden in the election because I think we need a new face with new perspectives. I would expect Biden to continue the status quo if he were to be reelected.”


4. If Trump were to win the presidential election, what do you think he would bring to the table?

  • “He will solve border issues…control terrorists…” “A new beginning.” “Autocracy.” “A better world.” “Closing borders.” “ I also think Trump would bring back tax cuts and spending on the military. He will probably also focus on immigration”


5. In your own personal opinion why do you think Trump or Biden would make a bad president?

  • “I believe neither Trump nor Biden are not the right person for the job. There is such a divide in our country over the last two presidential terms that is tearing us apart.” “Biden would be bad because the homeless rates will be raised because more things will cost more money. look what he did to gas prices “”Trump cares about two things… his money and his image . Biden is less likely to destroy American democracy .The lesser of two bad presidential choices.” “Trump isn’t the best, but neither is Biden, so I’m not too sure.” Overall quality of life was much better under Trump.  I don’t like Trump at all as a person, I can look past that because his policies worked. The damage and chaos over the last 3-4 years is so bad, it may not recover if Biden is re-elected. We look weak on the global stage.”


What is Biden and Trump’s past? Well let’s take a look at Trump’s past first. A jury found Trump liable to sexual abuse on E.Jean Carroll in 1996, and he paid $5 million. Jurors rejected Carroll’s claim that she was raped, and they put Trump to a lesser degree of sexual abuse. Trump did not attend many of his court trails and he didn’t attend the one where the verdict was read. Trump put out that he did not know Carroll and that basically everything was a lie. There has been many accusations against trump and about him raping people. Some of these people are Ivanka Trump, Jill Harth, Jane Doe 1994, E.Jean Carroll, Summer Zervos, Alva Johnson, etc. 

Now what’s up with Biden’s past? Biden has not done anything remotely close to all the bad things that Trump has done. Biden has done bad things to the United States and allowed the conditions of the United States to worsen, but there is a rumor of dementia. Biden is 81 years old, Trump is 77. They are both significantly old, and probably have memory loss issues. The rumor about Biden having dementia is because he forgets many things, especially big milestones that he has achieved. Biden says that his memory “is fine” and that he does not have dementia. 

Overall, Biden and Trump have done very bad things, personally or politically. Many people do not want an alleged rapist as the President of the United States, but many people do not want someone who potentially has dementia and an occurrence to mess up the system to be in office. So, is it better to have Trump or Biden in office? Is there going to be a new face as president this year? We won’t know until November 5th, 2024, so keep yourself updated on all things that will rise due to this election. 



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