To Make the World Better, I Would Invent…

To Make the World Better, I Would Invent...

If you had the power to invent one thing, would you use that power to make your life easier? Would you make the world better? There are thousands of possibilities! See what your class mates and teachers would invent.

Mr.Nicklaw– An invention that controls minds, it could stop criminals from doing the wrong things.

Mr.Sgarlata– A time machine.

Nicole Landes– A cure to all illnesses

Mr.Hay– A way to transport people in a more efficient and cheaper manner.

Kaitlyn O’Connell– A cure for cancer or a way to create an unlimited supply of food.

Mr.Ward– A cure to all sicknesses.

Mrs.Matson– A cure for cancer.

Anthony Bucci– Something to give everyone water.