What Music Means to Me


Jalen Flaherty, Staff Writer

Lately, I’ve thought about the purpose behind music. Music has always played a major role in my life, and whenever my life changes, so does the music in my head. I think music can be such a hard thing to define, although I think it’s a little bit easier to describe how it affects us and makes us feel.

Whether you are in a good place in your life, or not, a majority of people would probably say that music is their stress relief or their therapist on a bad day. Or maybe music could be someone’s inspiration; someone’s way of showing the world how you feel in a way. In various cultures music changes and conforms itself as we do, but at the same time a meaningful song or piece of music could be seen as timeless in so many people’s eyes.

To many different people the best moment ever is seeing their favorite artist live, or the feeling that you would get when that same artist or band sings you lyrics and the crowd would sing them back in unison. Even though you didn’t know everyone there, you still had one connection with everyone and that was that you loved music and that you loved that kind of music.

Music, I find, brings people together. The greatest amount of people I have met and became friends with is just based on similar music tastes, or how a certain song could bring one person to tears and could make another person’s day. Whether or not music is in your life, music is the universal language that brings societies and cultures together even in their darkest times.

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