Big Brother 20 Week 1 Recap

Big Brother 20 Week 1 Recap

Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

CBS’ hit reality TV game show, Big Brother, started its 20th season on June 27th in a two part premiere event. Since then, the first week of the game has played out and it’s time to review what went down in the first week of season 20.

In the premiere episodes, the sixteen new houseguests are split into groups of eight and compete in three competitions.


Competition 1


Inside of a pitch dark room, the first group of eight houseguests must find seven folders that contain the word “escape” on them, one of these seven folders contains the words “escape and play”. The houseguest who finds that folder will be the only one of the eight competitors to move on to the third round. The winner of this competition will face off against the winner of the second round (played by the second group of eight houseguests) for the power to keep eight houseguests safe from the first eviction of the summer, while the loser (who ever doesn’t find one of the seven hidden folders) will be given a punishment. Angela wins this round and automatically advances to the third round and Kaycee loses, being given a punishment called the “pinwheel of doom”. She has to wear a unitard theme around a pinwheel and when it spins, she will not be allowed to leave the room she is in until it stops, which could greatly change her social game. Her punishment will be over after the first live eviction of the season.


Competition 2


The remaining eight houseguests must now compete for the second spot in the third competition and are tasked with completing a block puzzle that spells out the word houseguest. The first houseguest to finish the puzzle advances to the third round and the remaining seven will compete to avoid the punishment. The loser will be given a punishment. Chris is able to win, Scottie follows very closely behind and wins second. Chris advances to the third round. Sam is the loser of the competition and she is given a robot punishment in which she has to utilize a “robot” to move around and interact in the game and can only enter the game physically if the words “robot offline” are heard, but if the words “robot online” are heard, she must switch back to using the “robot” to get around and physically leave. This will prove to be a hindrance to her social game much like Kaycee’s punishment is. Her punishment will also be over after the first live eviction.


Competition 3


Angela and Chris compete in a competition for safety. The goal of the competition is to remain on your raised surfboard longer than your opponent, but in typical Big Brother fashion, there is a twist. Things will be thrown at the two as they struggle to stay on and try to knock them off. After a very close game, Angela falls and Chris wins. Chris will have to choose eight houseguests to have immunity for the first eviction of the summer.


The Decision


Chris has the power to save eight houseguests, but he must save two of four preset groups (specifically, the groups that the houseguests were put into when they were entering the house). These four groups are as follows:


Group 1: Sam, Winston, Bayleigh, Tyler


Group 2: Steve, JC, Angela, Kaitlyn


Group 3: Scottie, Hayleigh, Kaycee, Fasyal


Group 4: Angie, Brett, Rachel, Chris


Chris chooses to save his group (group four) and group three.


BB App Store Twist


The BB App Store is an fan-interactive twist that allows for viewers to award prizes or punishments to houseguests each week. The prizes and punishments vary.


BB20 kicks off its second night by having the eight houseguests not saved from eviction by Chris in the last episode being forced to duke it out for the title of Head of Household (HOH). The winner of the HOH competition will nominate two houseguests of the eight for eviction.


HOH Competition- “Microchip Mayhem”


Tyler, Sam, Steve, Bayleigh, Angela, Winston, Kaitlyn, and JC are now forced to compete in the HOH competition in a fight to ensure their safety after losing their last opportunity to do so when Chris chose not to save them. For those who don’t know, the HOH competition is a vital part of the Big Brother game as it not only ensures the winner’s safety for that week, but it allows the winner to nominate two houseguests for possible eviction at the end of the week. In a game where your goal is to work your way to the end and evict the other houseguests to get there, winning HOH is an essential part of that in most cases. The competition pits every competitor against one another in a twisty way as the houseguests are required to cross a zig zag balance beam and obtain balls (which the game calls “deletion dots”) and place them in the tubes of their opponents. Once a houseguest has 10 deletion dots in their tube, they are eliminated from the competition. Whichever houseguest is the last one standing becomes the new HOH.


After a neck and neck race at the end, Tyler manages to beat Bayleigh and win HOH.


House Drama


Tyler is confused as to what to do in terms of his nominations. He planned to nominate Sam and Steve but after being told by several people to put up Winston and Angela, he seems to rethink his decision. Another factor in him rethinking this decision is when Sam talks to him about how she feels, saying that she feels like an outcast in the house and that she has no one in the house to help her.




After some deliberation, Tyler makes a decision.


Tyler Crispen nominated….


Sam Bledsoe and Steve Arienta.


Tyler, Sam, and Steve will play in the Power of Veto competition with three other houseguests and either Sam or Steve could potentially be removed from the block.


With Tyler Crispen as HOH, Sam Bledsoe and Steve Arienta as the weeks two initial nominees, alliances being formed, drama starting, romance blossoming, and the BB App Store opening up, the game’s first week is only just getting started.


Sparks Fly


Bayleigh Dayton and Chris Williams have been close since the game started and have proven to have each others backs and apparently their relationship has been taken to the next level as they appear to have started a showmance, which Chris doesn’t seem too happy about since he says a showmance will distract him from winning the game.


Houseguest Bonds


Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix have grown close and seem to be good friends. As are Steve Arienta and Scottie Salton.


Level Six


Level Six is an alliance formed around Angela Rummans, Winston Hines, Tyler Crispen, Rachel Swindler, Brett Robinson, and Kaycee Clark. Their plan is to work with Sam during future weeks of the game and send Steve home this week and are aligning with Sam and JC Mounduix in order to send Steve home against the majority of the house. They also plan to nominate Bayleigh if Steve or Sam come off of the block.




The alliance was oh so cleverly named (note the sarcasm) by houseguest Kaitlyn Herman. It’s an acronym, the Five Of Us Till The End. The other four members of the alliance are Chris Williams, Angie Lantry, Faysal Shafaat, and Haleigh Broucher. This alliance has a contradictory plan to that of the Level Six alliance as they want Sam gone and are working with Steve to keep him safe. They are also using Scottie as a mole, trying to get information from the other side of the house.


BB App Store Twist


The premise of this twist that America answers questions online and whoever is the most “trending” houseguest will receive a prize, while the least “trending” houseguest receives a punishment. So who got what?


Faysal Shafaat won the season’s first “crap app”, or rather the first punishment of the BB App Store. He picked the app “Hamazon”, which forces him to eat food deliveries that come throughout the day, the only problem being that Faysal is a vegetarian and Muslim, so he can’t eat meat.


Sam Bledsoe got the first “power app”, or prize from the BB App Store, of the season. She chose the “Bonus Life” option, which grants her the power to bring back any evicted houseguest of her choosing within the first four weeks of the game. If Sam does not use it by week three, the fourth evicted houseguest will automatically return to the game.


The first week of the game had been a bit of a roller coaster ride in terms of drama and the eviction would be no different, as it would help set the events of the following week in motion. Eviction is always looming over the nominees heads and after spending days of campaigning to stay in the house and fight for their lives in the game, by the end of the night one of the two nominees will be going home, unless Sam’s bonus life power is used, which could mean that no one gives home at all. Let’s see how the votes fell on eviction night during week one.


Scottie Salton has voted to evict Sam Bledsoe.


JC Mounduix has voted to evict Steve Arienta.


Chris Williams has voted to evict Sam Bledsoe


Bayleigh Dayton has voted to evict Sam Bledsoe


Rachel Swindler has voted to evict Steve Arienta.


Kaycee Clark has voted to evict Steve Arienta.


Faysal Shafaat has voted to evict Sam Bledsoe.


Hayleigh Broucher has voted to evict Sam Bledsoe.


Angela Rummans has voted to evict Steve Arienta.


Brett Robinson has voted to evict Steve Arienta.


Winston Hines has voted to evict Steve Arienta.


Kaitlyn Herman has voted to evict Steve Arienta.


Angie Lantry has voted to evict Sam Bledsoe.


By a vote of 7-6, Steve Arienta is evicted from the Big Brother house. Kaitlyn Herman changed her vote after piecing together that she is on the bottom of the totem pole for her alliance and jumped ship to Tyler Crispen’s side of the house.


HOH Competition


This competition, called “Land A Job”, is a skill based one in which houseguests must launch a ball from a ramp into boxes laid out across the backyard (now mapped out like the design of a city), each box containing a various “salary”. The objective is to land in a box with a salary, landing outside of one, in the street, or overshooting it results in immediate elimination from the competition. The houseguest with the highest landed salary will be crowned the new HOH.


Scottie Salton is up first, he scores a 40K, taking first.


JC Mounduix gets a score of zero and is eliminated. Scottie Salton is still in first.


Brett Robinson scores a zero after he overshoots it, meaning Scottie Salton still has first place in the competition.


Winston Hines scores a 12K, he is eliminated since his score is not higher than Scottie’s. So Scottie is still in first.


Sam Bledsoe scores a 50K and takes first and eliminating Scottie from the competition.


Faysal scores a zero and is eliminated. Sam Bledsoe is still in first place.


Kaitlyn Herman scores an 80K and takes first, eliminating Sam Bledsoe from the competition.


Angela Rummans scores a zero and is eliminated. Kaitlyn Herman is still in the lead.


Bayleigh Dayton scores a zero and is eliminated.


Chris Williams scores a zero and is eliminated.


Angie Lantry scores a zero and is eliminated.


Hayleigh Broucher scores a zero and is eliminated.


Rachel Swindler scores a zero and is eliminated. Kaitlyn Herman is now the HOH for Week 2!