Big Brother 20 Week 4 Veto Competition and Ceremony


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

After being nominated by current Head of Household Sam Bledsoe, both Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman are forced to fight for their “Big Brother lives” in the Power of Veto competition in which the winner which can either used the Power of Veto to remove one of the two nominees or leave the nominations the same. What has happened since Sam’s nominations? Let’s cover that.


Nomination Fallout


Following Sam’s speech, both nominees become upset with what was said because they feel that it was personal and wrong. Haleigh refuses to cry in front of everyone and chooses to stay strong. Kaitlyn on the other hand, goes to a room shortly afterwards and cries before Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark comfort her. Kaitlyn talks to Sam about the speech and Kaitlyn explains why it hurts, but Sam defends herself and why she said it. Why does no one bring up the fact that Kaitlyn has a boyfriend yet throws herself at anything with a pulse? Whatever, moving on. Although a little brutal, the speech is very true when applied to Kaitlyn. The house spins into more drama surrounding the two nominees, particularly around Faysal Shafaat as well, who is close with both nominees and asks both to pick him if they draw a “houseguest choice” chip so he can save them from eviction and remove them from the block.


Picking Players For The Veto Competition


Before long, the houseguests gather so they can pick players for the Veto Competition. Only six people will participate in the Veto Competition: the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three other players selected by random draw.


Sam Bledsoe draws a “houseguest choice” chip. She chooses JC Mounduix to compete in the veto.


Kaitlyn Herman draws Angie Lantry’s chip, so Angie will be participating in the veto.


Haleigh Broucher draws a “houseguest choice” chip. She chooses Faysal Shafaat to participate in the veto.


With the players drawn, things are all set for the veto… or so it seems. The doorbell rings and the houseguests meet Big Brother 12 player and Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly. Rachel is there to host the veto competition.


Power of Veto Competition- “Chop, Bonk, Spank”


The veto competition is modeled very similarly to one that was used last season and the premise is the same too. Houseguests are shown patterns and sequences in which they are “chopped” in the stomach, “bonked” in the head, or “spanked” and then asked questions about the order or sequence of these events. A correct answer earns the contestant a point and whoever has the most after seven rounds will win the Power of Veto.


After all seven rounds, Faysal Shafaat wins his second Power of Veto and realizes that he has. a bit of a problem since he promised to save both Haleigh and Kaitlyn. Uh oh.


Veto Meeting


Faysal holds true to his word… sorta. He keeps his promise and removes Haleigh from the block, leaving Kaitlyn on the block as a nominee. Sam is then forced to name a replacement nominee and nearly nominates JC in a very confusing and head scratching kinda way and then nominates Angie instead. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Kaitlyn or Angie? And will their eviction be null with the “Bonus Life” power being in effect? Stay tuned for answers.