Big Brother 20 Week 5 HOH Competition and Nominations


Chris Chalker, Student Life Editor

With the eviction of Kaitlyn Herman, Sam Bledsoe’s reign as Head of Household (HOH) draws to a close, meaning a new HOH must be crowned. The winner, as always, will nominate two other houseguests for possible eviction on Thursday. To quickly recap the events of last week, Sam won the famous “wall” Head of Household and nominated Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman. After promising them both safety, Faysal Shafaat won the Power of Veto and used it to save Haleigh from eviction, forcing Sam to name a new houseguest as the replacement nominee. Sam chose to nominate Angie Lantry and she and Herman faced eviction on Thursday last week. By a vote of 9-1, Kaitlyn was evicted from the Big Brother house, but due to Sam’s unused “Bonus Life” power app that she won in Week 1, Kaitlyn had the opportunity to reenter the game and nullify her eviction in a competition called “Outside The House”. After failing to complete the competition within the time restraint, Kaitlyn was officially evicted from the house, placing 13th.


So who won Head of Household and who did they nominate for eviction? Let’s find out.


Head of Household- “Information Highway”


This competition is played by the remaining houseguest, except for Sam, who is ineligible to compete due to being the outgoing HOH. The competition is called “Information Highway” and here’s how it works: one at a time, houseguests must slide down a ramp to a marked line on the other side. Their goal is to get as close to eight seconds as possible. Whoever is closest, be it over or under 8 seconds, will be the new Head of Household. Surprisingly enough, the first houseguest to go manages to obtain a perfect score and is the only one to do so. That houseguest is Bayleigh Dayton.




Bayleigh has some thinking ahead of her. Scottie Salton admitted that he flipped his vote and helped send Bayleigh’s showmance, Chris Williams, home. She has her sights set on Brett Robinson however. Bayleigh flips out on Faysal when he defends his reasoning as to why she shouldn’t nominate JC Mounduix because he needs to be “100% team Bayleigh and Haleigh”. Umm, what? Bayleigh, you are in the minority of the house and you need numbers. Yelling at your alliance members and ridiculing them for trying to help you isn’t a good way to remedy the problem your side of the house has had these last four weeks. Moving on, Bayleigh continues to make her own stupid game moves by telling Rachel Swindler, who she planned to use as a pawn against Brett this week, that she received the third power app. Why would you tell your pawn for the week this information? Moving on from yet another stupid decision, Bayleigh makes Rachel promise not to tell anyone… So naturally, Rachel told everyone about this power. Bayleigh decides to nominate Brett Robinson and Rachel Swindler for eviction, meaning the veto competition is do-or-die for the Level Six alliance. Will the power of veto save either Brett or Rachel from eviction? Stay tuned to find out.