Big Brother 20 Final 4 Eviction


Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

With Sam Bledsoe on her way to the jury house, the Final 4 of Big Brother 20 is set, but that will be short lived since one of them will be trading in the Big Brother house for the jury house as we make the quick transition to the Final 3 and pave the way for the season finale next Wednesday. To recap, Angela Rummans won her third Head of Household following the Double Eviction (in the Double Eviction Haleigh Broucher was evicted first and was then followed by Brett Robinson). Angela then nominated Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix for eviction, with Sam as the target for the week. Kaycee Clark won the Power of Veto for the fourth time and decided not to use it, leaving Sam and JC as the final nominees for the week. Sam was later evicted by a vote of 2-0 on Day 91, placing fifth and becoming the seventh member of the jury that will decide the winner on finale night. With Sam now gone, JC in power, and only 8 days left in the season after Sam’s eviction, it’s time for yet another eviction to shake up the house.


Post-Head of Household Competition


Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela express their discontent with JC as Head of Household since it ruins their Final 3 plan.


Nomination Ceremony


JC Mounduix has nominated Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen for eviction. With the nominations set, it is time for the Final 4 to fight it out for control in the Power of Veto Competition. The winner will determine their safety going into the Final 3


Jury House Updates


Two weeks ago, Scottie Salton arrived at the jury house and he plays his eviction tape for other jurors Bayleigh Dayton, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and Faysal Shafaat. The four of them then argue over who made the worst move in the game (we have nowhere near enough time in this episode to debate this).


One week ago, Haleigh Broucher arrived at the jury house and they watch he eviction tape too. Rockstar says she thinks Kaycee has played the best game (says a lot coming from her… please note my sarcasm here) hopes that Angela or Tyler is coming soon. Haleigh reveals that it was a Double Eviction when she was evicted, so someone else is following her.


Shortly after Haleigh arrived, Brett arrived at the jury house. Brett plays his tape and explains his blindside.


Finally, Sam arrives at the jury house and the jury watches her tape. Sam explains that she had a Final 2 with Tyler. Brett explains that he did too. Haleigh says that she respects Tyler’s gameplay and she seems like she may vote for him for making good game moves.


Power of Veto Competition- “Down To The Wire”


In the final Power of Veto Competition of the summer, the Final 4 are tasked with maneuvering a pulley system to bring balls up to a “like” icon on a slanted wall. Each like icon is an answer to various questions asked at random. Once the answer is selected. they must then hit their buzzer. If they are correct, their game board will light up. If they are incorrect, they will have to start all over. The last houseguest to answer in every round will earn a strike. If a houseguest earns two strikes, then they will be eliminated.


Question 1: “Like the competitions on the wall that were Hacker Competitions”. JC is last to ring in and earns a strike.


Question 2: “Like the competitions in which previous houseguests returned to the house in that competition”. JC earns his second strike and is eliminated.


Question 3: “Like the competitions that were played on the day of the Double Eviction”. Tyler earns his first strike.


Question 4: “Like the HOH Competitions on the wall that were won by someone who is no longer in the house”. Tyler earns his second strike and he is eliminated.


Question 5: “Like the competitions on the wall that were Veto comps”. Angela receives her first strike.


Question 6: “Like the HOH competitions on the wall that were won by women”. Angela gets her second strike and she is eliminated. Kaycee has won the Power of Veto.


Veto Ceremony


Kaycee cannot use the Power of Veto because there would be no other replacement for the nominee she would save with the Veto, so the nominations must remain the same.


Live Vote and Eviction


It is now time for the live vote and eviction. As always, neither nominee is allowed to vote, neither is the Head of Household. Since there is only one houseguest eligible to vote, Kaycee must now cast the sole vote to evict in the living room in front of all of her fellow houseguests.


Kaycee Clark has voted to evict Angela Rummans.


With Kaycee’s vote to evict, Angela Rummans has been evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 1-0, placing 4th and becoming the eighth member of the jury.


This means that Tyler, Kaycee, and JC are the Final 3! Wednesday next week is finale night and either Tyler, JC, or Kaycee will walk away with the $500,000 grand prize. Who will win the final Head of Household, who will become the final member of the jury, and who will be crowned as the winner of Big Brother 20? Stay tuned for those answers.