Who Should Win Big Brother 20?


Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

By tomorrow night, the winner of Big Brother 20 will be crowned. The Final 3 is all set and the first two parts of the three part final Head of Household have been played. Before the winner is crowned, I think it is time to examine the games of each member of the Final 3 and see what case they can present to the jury if they have the chance to face them tomorrow night.


In order to successfully look at the gameplay of the Final 3, all personal feelings, biases, and controversial views must be set aside.


Spoilers Ahead: If you do not know who won the first and second part of the Final Head of Household Competition or do not want to know then please turn back, you have been warned!


It was reported that Tyler managed to outlast both Kaycee and JC in the first part of the Head of Household and he will automatically advance to part three. Later on, JC and Kaycee competed in part two, which Kaycee won. Kaycee will now face off against Tyler during the live part three in the finale on Wednesday and both houseguests seem intent on taking one another over JC to the Final 2.


JC Mounduix


Setting everything he has done that was controversial aside, JC has actually been very pivotal to this season. Without him Level Six may not have been as successful as they were, most of the blindsides might not have been pulled off, and his allies may have been picked off by the other side of the house. JC played a good game. He was in the middle of both sides and played both of them against each other while not appearing as a target himself. He was a crucial flip vote in many of this season’s notorious blindsides, a fact which cannot really be refuted. JC used his social game to help manipulate Faysal Shafaat into targeting his own ally, Scottie Salton during his Head of Household reign in Week 8, which is a move that helped to keep Level Six intact. JC won the Final 4 Head of Household (which is also his only competition win this season), which was another crucial part of his game since he was going to be evicted during that round unless he won.

One flaw in his game is that he is not aware of the existence of Level Six at the moment and that he will likely be heading out the door regardless of who wins the final Head of Household. He also remains unaware that he has not been in control of as much as he thinks he is.


Kaycee Clark


Kaycee has played an amazing social game. She has very good relationships with the jurors and is currently expected by many to walk away with the 500k tomorrow. Kaycee has been able to win multiple competitions without getting “blood on her hands” and remained loyal to her alliance, Level Six, through it all. She won five vetoes, three of them in a row before her streak was broken, one Hacker competition, and one Head of Household. Her Head of Household reign was a very smooth one which netted her very little blood on her hands since she “did what the house wanted” and took a shot at Haleigh, the only remaining houseguest on the other side of the house. Kaycee’s five veto wins have also been used mundanely and didn’t really shake up the game, but her wins during those weeks were critical to keeping her alliance intact. In Week 7, Kaycee was the week’s Hacker and she nominated Angie “Rockstar” Lantry after removing herself from the block, she used the Veto player pick that came with the power by having Tyler play and he later won the Veto, then chose to nullify the Faysal’s vote at the live eviction. All three powers she used successfully. Kaycee won when she needed to and her five Veto wins helped to keep her alliance in power. Especially her Veto win in the Final 4, which allowed her to have complete control over who was evicted that round and granted her safety. Kaycee has worked to get to the end and has a bunch of competition wins, a great social game, and the “jury management” aspect down and could very well win, but she hasn’t made a ton of bold game moves with her competition wins.


Tyler Crispen


Tyler was the season-long frontrunner to win the whole game since very early on, that is until Kaycee started to step her game up significantly. Tyler still remains a good contender for the money even with Kaycee though and this is for several reasons. Tyler won the Week 1 Head of Household, in which he took the easy way out and nominated the first two people who were out of the Head of Household competition, Sam Bledsoe and Steve Arienta. Tyler was then drawn into an alliance formed by Winston Hines, which was later named Level Six. The goal of Level Six was to take out Steve and keep Sam so they could use her as a number and use the Power App Sam earned from the BB App Store twist to their advantage. Tyler manipulated Kaitlyn Herman into flipping on her own alliance and voting to evict Steve, sending him packing that week. When Kaitlyn won the next Head of Household, Tyler further manipulated Kaitlyn into targeting Chris Williams. Tyler won the Power of Veto, removed Scottie from the block and Kaitlyn nominated Chris as the replacement nominee, which led to him being backdoored. Additionally, Tyler won access to the BB App Store in Week 2 and selected a Power App called “The Cloud” (which keeps Tyler safe at a Nomination Ceremony or Veto Ceremony of his choice, but he has to know he will be nominated in advance in order to effectively use it or it will be wasted). After Kaitlyn’s eviction in Week 4, Tyler was able to manipulate Week 5 Head of Household Bayleigh Dayton into not targeting him. Tyler won the Power of Veto that week and didn’t use it, but that allowed his alliance to blindside Rachel Swindler at the live eviction. During Week 6, Angela Rummans won Head of Household and set Bayleigh up to be backdoored. During this week, Tyler was nominated by Haleigh Broucher as the week’s Hacker, but Tyler was removed from the block and Bayleigh was backdoored along with the Power App she had won in Week 3. In Week 7, Tyler won the Veto after being the only houseguest from his side remaining in the competition (it was OTEV and Angela and Kaycee were eliminated in the first two rounds, leaving Tyler to face Faysal, Haleigh, and Rockstar), although this is primarily because of Rockstar’s mistakes in the competition, this worked heavily to Tyler’s advantage and he was able to veto Angela (paying her back for vetoing him the week before) and Kaycee went up as the replacement nominee, but with Rockstar still on the block, she was evicted that week. In Week 10, Tyler beat Haleigh in the endurance Head of Household competition and nominated Scottie (who had returned to the house) and Haleigh for eviction. Although he wanted Haleigh out that week, Scottie was evicted. On Day 86, Tyler won Head of Household again and was able to perfectly execute a backdoor plan to evict Brett Robinson, blindsiding him and sending him out the door. Currently, Tyler won Part 1 of the final Head of Household and has automatically advanced to part three. Tyler had several final two deals, notably with Scottie, Sam, Brett, and Kaycee and he had a showmance with Angela. Tyler has an impressive resume to bring to the jury on finale night if he makes it there. Out of all three members of the Final 3, Tyler has played the game hard since Day 1 and he is the most deserving of the win.


There you have it. Will Tyler manage to beat Kaycee in the end? Or will Kaycee beat Tyler? And who do you want to see win Big Brother 20?