A Look Back At The Big Brother 20 Finale


Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

Season 20 of Big Brother has finally come to a close. After a 99 day struggle for power, luxury, and money, it all came to an end when one member of the Final 3 was evicted and set the Final 2 up to face the jury in what turned out to be a very close vote to determine the winner. Kaycee Clark managed to beat Tyler Crispen in part three of the final Head of Household Competition and decided to evict JC Mounduix, making him the final member of the jury. Later, by a vote of 5-4, Kaycee was crowned the winner of Big Brother 20 over Tyler, who became the Runner-Up. Tyler was then later crowned America’s Favorite Houseguest, receiving more votes than Haleigh Broucher and Brett Robinson (together, Broucher, Robinson, and Crispen made up the top three vote getters for the prize). With the finale over, the winner crowned, and a celebrity season on the way, what does Weedsport think of this season of Big Brother and who took home the 500k? I had a chance to sit down with Mr. Corbin and juniors Antonina Tortorello and Nick Blowers for their input on the finale.


Q: What were your predictions going into the finale (like who would win, jury votes, and America’s Favorite Houseguest) and why?


Nick: Well I know JC didn’t stand a chance and I was totally correct. I knew the final two would have a close battle at the end and I was also correct. America’s Favorite Houseguest I thought was going to be Haleigh or Tyler because of them being the leaders of the house throughout the season.


Antonina: I thought Tyler was going to win but I really wanted Kaycee to win, and I thought America’s Favorite Houseguest would be Brett because he made the show so interesting and funny.


Corbin: I believed that Kaycee would win. I thought she would have all of the votes except for Angela (Rummans) and a few others. I wasn’t concerned with JC making the Final 2 and I wasn’t worried that Kaycee wouldn’t have the votes to win. I thought either Tyler or Kaycee would win America’s Favorite Houseguest because they were good people and good game players. They both had great exposure for lasting so long in the game.


Me: Originally, I had predicted that Tyler and Kaycee would be the Final 2, which I had right. I then said that Tyler would win either 7-2 or 6-3, which I was wrong about. I predicted that he would have lost only the votes of Bayleigh (Dayton) and Rockstar (Angie Lantry). I feel like he just played a stronger game than Kaycee did and that the jury seemed to be a bit more receptive of different outlooks and opinions, so he had a good chance. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t entirely the case and they were bitter. I also said that Tyler would be the winner of America’s Favorite Houseguest as well, so I had that right as well. I know Tyler led in popularity polls all season long and I also saw that he had a double digit percentage lead on the other houseguests in the America’s Favorite Houseguest poll, so I knew he was a shoo-in for the prize.


Q: At different points, both finalists were cut off during the jury question segment and the final plea to the jury. Do you feel like that hurt either finalist in the end?


Nick: Kind of actually, I feel as if some jurors were kind of on the fence about their decision and possibly the questions that weren’t asked and were cut off could have affected the decision.


Antonina: No, I honestly think that the jury pretty much had who they were going to vote for mostly picked out. All the top two did was kinda ramble on so I don’t think it was a big deal.


Corbin: Not really. If it did, then it probably hurt Tyler more because he was doing better with answering the jury questions and he needed more time to really explain his moves and the plans he made. I think he was doing well with answering them in such a short time. Kaycee on the other hand, if the jury questions never happened, she would have probably been better off.


Me: I believe it did. Only three questions for each finalist was weird, especially since JC never had a chance to question either of the finalists, but the fact that they only had 45 seconds to respond and so few questions were asked definitely hurt both of them in the end because the jury wasn’t totally informed of everything and then had to make a rushed decision. They both got cut off and weren’t able to make very valid points without repeating what they had already said and rushing to get an extra detail or two out. If they had more time, then maybe the outcome would have been different or people would have voted differently. It being rushed the way it did hurt them both because Kaycee got caught up in repeating herself and Tyler was scatteredly trying to explain various moves he had made.


Q: What are your thoughts on the jury?


Nick: Bitter once again, but at this point I expect it and as I’ve said it’s just expected to be a part of the game at this point. I think they picked who they did to win because they didn’t feel betrayed and the person was a better person over being a better player.


Antonina: I really like them, but I think the whole Swaggy and Bayleigh proposal thing was so stupid.


Corbin: I though the jury was good for the most part. I feel like most of them tried to pick a deserving winner, but some bitter votes cost Tyler the win. Most of the jurors seemed like they kinda struggled with who to vote for and had listened to both sides of the story and different points of view before they made their final choice. I think Bayleigh and Scottie were bitter. Maybe Rockstar and Faysal (Shafaat) too, but I don’t think Faysal was.


Me: This is the third regular season, and the fifth season in a row if you count Big Brother: Over The Top and Celebrity Big Brother (US) 1, to have a bitter jury cause someone to lose the game. It’s infuriating to see players come on the show with the mentality of making huge moves and doing whatever it takes to get to the end and then getting evicted through those very methods and being bitter about it. Yes, you lost your chance at the money, but at least have enough respect for the game to vote for a deserving winner. It’s especially disheartening to see when you get someone like Scottie, who calls himself a superfan, voting bitterly.


Q: What did you enjoy about the finale? Why?


Nick: Though I thought it was rushed, I enjoyed seeing the jury a lot because they didn’t show a lot of it this year and Chris Williams’ (Swaggy C’s) marriage proposal was amazing for the wrong reasons. I enjoy the finale for being the finale. It gets everyone back together once again and everyone seems happier than when they came in even with all the things that happened inside. It makes me look forward to another season as well, including Celebrity Big Brother.


Antonina: I really enjoyed watching the jury vote. I honestly thought that was the most entertaining part of the episode.


Corbin: I enjoyed the proposal because it was pure comedy, entertainment, and ridiculousness. I liked the fact that they changed up the final Head of Household competition (part three) from previous seasons because in the past, it seemed like more of a guessing game whereas this was memory based.


Me: This is our first deserving winner since Derrick Levasseur in Big Brother 16. Let that sink in for a moment. I may have wanted Tyler to win but Kaycee is definitely deserving in her own right. I enjoyed the jury roundtable segment, we need that insight because of how people have voted bitterly in recent years. This was an amazing season and I was happy to watch Kaycee or Tyler walk away with the money. I’m very excited for next season.


Q: What didn’t you enjoy about the finale? Why?


Nick: Well, I didn’t like who won but I don’t think that affected the experience. It was an average ending but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Can’t wait for next season!


Antonina: I don’t know. It was kinda fast paced and I wish they did a two-part finale on Wednesday and Thursday.


Corbin: I didn’t like how the Final 2 didn’t have very hard questions to answer, but I think part of that is because they both played good games. They didn’t have to justify moves that they made. The jury didn’t really press them because they didn’t have to.


Me: There was so much I didn’t like. I didn’t like having to watch part one and two of the final Head of Household, that should have been what Sunday’s episode was instead of the useless recap episode we got. I hated how rushed part three felt and I was angry and frustrated when the finalists were giving their speeches and answering the jury’s questions. 45 seconds is not enough time to explain anything, let alone what you have done in the game for 99 days. The proposal seemed very out of place too, Chris (Swaggy) should have waited for the afterparty to do it. There were a lot of things being rushed and a lot of wasted time that it killed the finale for me. Bad finale for an otherwise great season.


Q: Are you happy about who won this season?


Nick: No. Kaycee is definitely the better person between her and Tyler but it’s not about being a good person, it’s about playing the game and that’s what Tyler was superior at but that’s what makes a bitter jury bitter.


Antonina: Yes. I feel Kaycee did really well physically and socially and really deserved to win.


Corbin: I’m ok with it. I would have been the most happy with a Tyler win but Kaycee is a worthy champion. She would have been my second or third choice to win.


Me: Yes and no. Kaycee is deserving, so I’m happy that she won, but she is not deserving over Tyler. Tyler was the superior gameplayer here and Kaycee was not.


Q: Are you happy about who won America’s Favorite Houseguest?


Nick: Yes. I liked Tyler since the beginning so personally I was happy


Antonina: Nope, not at all. I think the Final 2 shouldn’t be allowed to win that as well.


Corbin: Yep. Tyler should have won the whole game, but he didn’t so at least he got second place and America’s Favorite Houseguest as a consolation prize. Some voters for America’s Favorite Houseguest voted for who played the best game and he can hang his hat on that at least.


Me: Yes. Tyler deserves it. He was a great player and he did really well. He has been my favorite since the season started and I’m happy for him.


Q: What are your final thoughts on this season?


Nick: I thought this season was really good, one of the best in years. And I enjoyed the people in it and I enjoyed the people I hated to if that makes sense.


Antonina: I thought this season was overall very good and entertaining. They picked a very good cast that meshed well together most of the time and the times that they didn’t made good TV. I liked all of the twists and how the season ended. I can’t wait for next summer!


Corbin: This was a great season because about 90% of the houseguests really went there to play. There wasn’t a lot of nastiness in the house. There was a nice mix of big personalities, emotional breakdowns, strong competitors, showmances, and interesting houseguests which is everything you would expect from Big Brother and everything you want as a viewer. Also, as a viewer, you have to be able to relate to the houseguests and for the most part you could.


Me: I’m hoping production and casting sees that a lot of people loved this season and they realize that they don’t need to bring back veteran players to make a season great. This season showed that all it takes is a good cast, not tacky twists or veteran players who will dominate the game. I love this game so much and this season was great. I am hopeful that next season is as good, if not better, than this one. I’m very excited for next summer.