Warm Weather on the Way: Get Out and Enjoy While Social Distancing


All of us have been locked in our house because of quarantine and by the cold rainy weather but as the days go by the weather is slowly warming up which means we can all go outside and enjoy the warm sunny weather with our families! Many people wonder about what they can do outside in the warm weather during quarantine because typically when the weather gets warmer we all hang out with our friends and go out to parks, stores, each other’s houses, and etc but now during quarantine, we can’t do any of those things even though we really want to.

The good news is when the days keep going by the closer we are getting to the last day of quarantine so keep staying at home and keep practicing social distancing because the more we listen to the rules the faster quarantine is over with then we all can do anything we want! If you want to stay updated on the weather or even things that are happening around us during quarantine then I suggest that you watch the news or even lookup the news on your phone so you can get an idea what’s happening around us and you know what to expect for the weather so you can plan out your day in advance! You can also get news apps on your phone so you can get updates!

You might be wondering why I keep mentioning warmer weather and what things you can do during this warm weather. That’s because I’m here wanting to give you some ideas on what you can do during quarantine on these warm days by staying 6 feet apart. Somethings you can do are: go on a walk, go on a run, do some gardening, go outside to work out, do some practicing with the sports you play, do some meditation, do some reading outside, do some coloring, do maintenance around the house, and help your parents as well! There are so many things you can do around the house or outside, you just have to think about what you want to do! I’ve asked my parents and some close friends of mine on what they’ve been doing in quarantine especially during the warmer days! 


Jessica Valletta (Mother)

Q. What have you been doing during quarantine on these warmer days?

A. “I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning during quarantine and a lot of gardening as well. It keeps me very busy during these times!”


Luke Bigness (Stepdad)

Q. During quarantine what have your days been like?

A. “Well, I’ve been doing a lot of work over the computer which keeps me busy most of the time but other than work I’ve been cleaning up the yard and keeping it looking nice.”


Sydney Manchester (Weedsport student)

Q. What are you looking forward to doing when the weather improves?

A. “I am looking forward to spending more time outside and doing fun things like bonfires.” 


Jessica Valletta 

Q. What would you tell other kids to do during these times?

A. “I would tell kids to keep busy by doing things like helping their parents out because for us parents it’s been stressful for us and I know as a parent I would love to help around the house.”


Luke Bigness 

Q. What is something good that has happened during quarantine since the weather is getting warmer?

A. “There’s many good things that have happened since the weather is getting warmer during quarantine but one good outcome is that I can go hunting more often than I did before.”


Sydney Manchester

Q. During quarantine what have you been doing?

A. “I have been going on some walks and watching a lot of netflix.”