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Mrs. Cataldi Finds Work/Life Balance


Weedsport’s PE teacher Mrs.Cataldi loves her job and has worked hard to get where she is today, but behind the scenes she describes it as “a double-edged sword.”

Last school year Mrs. Cataldi temporarily left her position as Weedsport’s PE teacher so she could give birth to her baby, Jett Cataldi. While she was out she learned important lessons like the value of family. Cataldi said she learned to value her time with her family, it made her realize how life isn’t just about work and money. During this time Cataldi also learned how to budget her money better because she wasn’t working. 

“The payoff is that you get to spend all that time with your family and baby and that’s your place of love,” said Cataldi. 

Some days were rough for her. Catalid’s husband would be at work and she would be at home with the baby, this was nice, but there was nobody to talk to. 

“I did miss everybody last year. Like being home alone I got pretty lonely for a while,” Cataldi said. “But then the flipside of that is that I’m here and I’m so used to being home with the baby, it’s a double-edged sword”

Once she came back it was a mixture of feelings for Cataldi, she was glad to be back on a schedule and seeing the kids and talking to the adults but it’s hard because she misses being home with Jett every day. 

Cataldi sadly had to give up coaching this year because of her busy schedule. “It was a very hard decision to make because it was almost a part of my identity,” said Cataldi. 

By the time she gets home every day, life is hectic because Cataldi has to pick up the baby from daycare and get all her things ready for herself for the next day. On top of that, she has to prepare all the things ready for the baby for the next day, cook dinner, and before she knows it it’s time to bathe Jett and put him to bed. Once Cataldi is finally sitting down and relaxing, she realizes it’s 7:45 at night. Most nights she falls asleep on the couch around 8:30. 

“Life is a rush,”  said Cataldi.

Since Cataldi has been back teaching PE there have been some troubles. Currently, Weedsport’s gym is getting redone and is unable to be used. Cataldi is looking forward to the day the gym will be done. “It’s been a little hard being displaced this whole time but we’re making due.” Cataldi said the gym is her classroom and it’s been difficult not having a classroom when she’s trying to teach. 

The PE classes have been going outside to play football and soccer but Cataldi is worried about the upcoming weather. Fall brings rain and winter brings snow and it’s almost impossible to do anything in those conditions. Some of the PE class sizes are very big and it would be hard to do anything inside but also harder to do things outside.  “There’s gonna be some times where we’re gonna have to get creative,” said Cataldi. 

Although there are some struggles, Cataldi said she overall really likes being a PE teacher. She loves that her job is being active and moving the whole day. She liked how she does not have to sit at a desk all day like most jobs.  Cataldi said, “I feel like it’s a dream for everyone.” 

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