Weedsport’s Nico Giacolone: A Man of Many Talents


Nico Giacolone is a sophomore here at Weedsport. He plays football and baseball. He also works at Ninos and CJ’s,  and on top of that he has his own candle business and makes cornhole boards. The Johnny Green asked Nico some questions about his goals and achievements:


Q-How did you get involved in your businesses? What led you to wanting to start your own businesses, and who helped you along the way?


 A- Ever since a young age I have always been money driven. I first started by making candles because I was really bored. At the time I was just turning 14 and it was very tough for me to get a job for how young I was so I decided to start my own thing. Since then I continue to work for my dad in the summertime during the day. At nights I will come home and build cornhole boards, or on the weekends and when I’m not doing that I will be working at Ninos. I Believe that my dad was really the one that helped me along the way, not really necessarily with my business because I don’t want advice from someone, but I think I have carried his work ethic on. 


Q-Is school helping you? Also, what do you want to do in the future? Do you plan on going to Boces?


A-Yes, school does tend to help me most ways, I learn to stay organized and continue to push through stuff I don’t necessarily like because that’s what you should do. In the future after high school I plan on going into the military but hopefully through a ROTC program that will help me pursue my business administration degree. After that I want to run a real estate development company and hopefully have my own real estate property with the help of my dad  by the time high school ends. I plan on going to Boces for construction because as a real estate developer I need to know everything that is going on with the process of my houses being built, and I believe Boces will definitely help me with that. 


Q-Is time managing hard with school, sports, working and doing your business?


A-Time managing can be a little hard sometimes. I’m a full time student that works at CJ’s and mainly Ninos and runs my own cornhole board business. However, in one day there are 86,400 seconds starting at 12 a.m. What you do with those seconds is up to you, but whether you use every single one of them or not, they are done the next day. So I’ve always used the most of my time. I’ve had deadlines that I almost didn’t get to because of how much boards I needed to get done. I got home from working at Ninos one night at 9:30 and I was exhausted but I needed to finish that night because at 7a.m. the next morning I had to be out the door to go sell them and I didn’t finish until about 1 a.m. but I did and it was worth it. So use every second you can in your day. 

Q-Do you enjoy what you have been doing? 


A-I do enjoy what I do. It’s a challenge to get everything done but I continue to work hard and put forth all my effort and don’t complain because at the end of the day you’re talking about money that you could have passed up. So yes I do enjoy it.