Weedsport’s Big Brother 3 Episode 4

Chris Chalker, Managing Editor

The Final 4 of Weedsport’s Big Brother 3 have been determined! After the gane changing evictions of veteran players Andy Sayles and Julianna Buchmann, the game is really shaken up and lines have been drawn in the sand as Chris Chalker faces off against Cameron Van Ben Schoten, Max Horsford, and Alena Manchester in order to stay alive in the game. With the dust beginning to settle from the first round of the triple eviction, the remaining players face off in the second round, starting off with an all important Head of Household competition. Things will really be heating up in the penultimate episode of the season, so check out the episode to find out who wins HOH, who they nominate for eviction, who will become the last jury member, and which houseguests will make the Final 3!