A Look Inside The World of The Prime Hollow

A Look Inside The World of The Prime Hollow

A universe with beginnings and endings as well as gods, country white boys that can surpass the bounds of worlds, a goddess of chaos who meets with the hands of fate due to her own doing, and boy bands. This isn’t something you would expect out of a high fantasy mix with other genres or any story for that matter, but that’s The Prime Hollow for you. You might find yourself asking what The Prime Hollow is, and I hope that you trust me as your guide to help you on your journey into the intrigue and wonder of these worlds.

The Prime Hollow was invented by the mind of a creator by the name of Teal who thought of this world after playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Teal was also inspired by what they learned from a class called Future Broadway Creators. The world of The Prime Hollow is one of many worlds broken up into 9. Voal (V-ole), Aedia (A-die), Mozika (Mo-zih-kuh), Ody (Oh-dee), Fehefana (Fe-hey-fauna), Cayeron (Ka-ron), Ranowa (Ruh-know-uh), Earth, and Amin (Ah-min). These worlds each have something different about them such as:

  • Voal the first world – something similar to earth except humans never existed and thus life on this world can flourish. The only Anthro-like qualities being the Salamen, which are walking salamander nations.
  • Aedia the second world – Aedia is mainly a sort of high fantasy world mainly torn between the gods never truly knowing peace. Ironically, Aedia ends when the gods make peace.
  • Mozika the third world – Mozika was formed out of the destruction of Aedia. The pantheon and peace in the world was born out of two young lovers.
  • Ody the fourth world – Ody was a Pangea-like continent until the gods got into a squabble and the land was broken up into several different islands, each with its own magic system.
  • Fehefana the fifth world – Fehefana is a world kin to that of Cyberpunk 2077 in that it’s a world of technology and neon light controlled by a massive corporation, but under that surface, there is an uprising brewing.
  • Cayeron the sixth world – Cayeron was born from a radioactive meteor hitting a star and over the course of millions of years it becomes a planet with life. The inhabitants of this world have adapted the radioactivity and use the radiation of the planet as a form of magic.
  • Ranowa the seventh world – Ranowa is a land of mostly water and has nautical merfolk living under the water’s surface. This is the land where the first glimpse of the Andelorous International Academy (AIA) was born.
  • Earth the eighth world – Earth is without gods or magic except in a few select spots. The AIA was formed here and was started in the 19th century by a woman named Andelorous who may have had a connection with the other worlds. 
  • Amin the last world – Amin is a land of gods formed out of the ruins of the earth by a chaotic goddess and her ward who eventually betrayed her. Amin lived here till the end of the universe

There’s a reoccurring joke in The Prime Hollow about a Ranowan character named Nick Donald Norton that eventually crept its way into each world. 

When asked about Nick Donald Norton, Teal said, “Yeah, Nick Donald Norton kinda started off as a joke, but we made like one of him to every world – like his soul is in every world but Nick Donald Norton is in Ranowa.” As someone who has tried and failed to figure out who Nick Donald Norton is, I recommend not to think too hard about it.

The interview wrapped up very well, but as I had promised earlier I would ask Pine Moth’s bird Cracker a question.

“So Cracker what are your thoughts on The Prime Hollow?” I got a squawk in response.

The Prime Hollow is a new universe with amazing stories to tell, with so much potential I’d be remiss if I did not say to keep an eye on it.