Field Hockey Rides Momentum of Huge Win to Playoffs

On October 10th, Weedsport had a huge win during the Varsity Field Hockey season. The Warriors beat long time section winner, Cazenovia, by a score of 2-1. The win broke Cazenovia’s streak of 85 consecutive league wins.

When asked how the team played, Coach Theresa Leonardi, said, “I thought the entire team played exceptionally well. Alexis Short scored both goals, but we’re trying to emphasize to the girls all the time, she only scored the goals, everybody on the team put her in that position to score the goals.” In other words, not one person was the MVP, but the entire team was a MVT, or Most Valuable Team. They all were able to communicate, and score those two goals.

Leonardi then commented on the defense saying, “There were multiple plays. The only play they scored on was a corner. We need to work on our corner defense; we are working at it, and getting better at it. From Abby [Marsden], to Jordan [Lally]…everyone just played an excellent game.”

Who better to ask then the lead scorer herself? Short said, “Well I was really excited. I kinda didn’t know what was going on…it was overwhelming. But I wouldn’t have made it without anyone else on the team.”

Not only was she humble about scoring both goals, but she credited the entire team with helping her out. Short stated, “It’s really everybody, because it goes from the defense, to the ‘midi’s’  then they bring it down to the offense. I don’t want to name one person, because it was really everybody.”

Just as Coach Leonardi said, she thought it was a great game. “It was our best game. We were ready to start from the very beginning. We played hard, and got really pumped.”

The win against Cazenovia helped the team, as they are the #2 Seed for the playoffs.  They had a bye-week, then go straight to semi-finals against the Herkimer Magicians this Saturday at Rome Free Academy.