A Jersey That Isn’t Green

The Auburn Stingrays, Twin County Soccer, Finger Lakes Soccer, AAU Basketball and more. All jerseys that aren’t green. Not only are they local, but they are  sports that run all year long. So many of our own Weedsport students play in these sports, while not playing Modified, JV, or Varsity Sports.

8th Grader Macauley Kolonko, swims on both Weedsport Varsity, and for the Auburn YMCA Stingrays.

“To me, it’s just like having two sides to your family. You love them both and have to find a way to spread your time between both of them.,” Kolonko said about swimming for both teams.

I then asked him, how hard it was to transition between teams? Kolonko responded, “It can be. Especially when you’re against your club teammates. Most of the time, it’s just feels like going to another practice or another meet. Its all swimming.”

This is true for a lot of the Auburn Stingray Swimmers, who swim against the Weedsport swimmers. This year, both teams faced off on New Year’s Eve, for a dual-swim meet.

Another example is Freshman Kascey Relfe, who plays for the Finger Lakes Soccer League (FLSL). She was asked what is was like not playing in the green jersey, and she said,

“It feels different. I was only with two to four Weedsport people on a team. The others teams were all of one school like Port Byron or Union Springs. It was like each school had their own team, but not Weedsport. Weedsport would be with different kids each year. I’d rather play for the school to have the Weedsport jersey, but playing with different people is really fun each year. We always made new friends even if our team never had a chance.”
With different club sports, we make different friends, and different memories. It can be hard when we aren’t with our classmates at one time, then all of a sudden, not with our club friends, for another. Playing in a jersey that isn’t green can be challenging. We are playing a sport for a whole new group of people, a whole new team family. Then all of a sudden, we can be playing against them, and trying to beat them. The challenge is to be loyal to the team you are playing with at that moment.