Weedsport Football Takes Second Loss from Cato

Ben Grieco, Managing Editor

The Weedsport Warriors took on the Cato-Meridian Blue Devils on September 9, taking an unfortunate loss, with a final score of 34-26. After the first home game of the season, it is clear the Warriors need to do something different.

The scoring started early for Cato, and didn’t stop. With 10:24 left in the first quarter, Cato crossed the line, and was the first on the board. With an early 6-0 lead, the momentum didn’t last long. However, that was only for a single drive.

Tom Reitz was getting a majority of the carries throughout the first half of the game, sometimes with small runs, and then sometimes with large gains for the Warriors.

Later in the first quarter, Cato defense was not gelling, nor communicating well. Their first timeout was used with 2:36 left in the first.

The second quarter, however, looked bright for the Warriors, with a burst of offensive passing and rushing. Everything seemed to open up, after a good talk between the quarters.

However, the defense still couldn’t stop Cato quarterback, Justin Donnelly, who gave Cato a 12-0 lead after a long run. The defense did stop the two-point conversion, however.

The offense decided to change some things up, and Riley Spingler, as well as Reitz, was getting some carries to help the Warriors.

Momentum was quickly stopped, as the Blue Devils scored once again, with 4:59 left, to push the lead to 20-0; however, the defense stepped up just in time to prevent the two-point conversion.

Weedsport offense was still hungry, and after some decent receiving from Steve Gilfus, and rushing from the team, Spingler was able to get Weedsport on the board with 2:30 left in the first half. He finished his own touchdown with the Point After Touchdown kick, but Weedsport was still down 20-7.

With a surge of fire for the team, the defense also stepped it up. They turned over the ball, and got the fumble recovery, with 8.1 seconds left in the half. But with such a short amount of time left, the team couldn’t do much; but they had the positive of receiving the ball to begin the second half.

And the second half was where everything began for the Warriors. Reitz was still on fire, and ran the ball in for a touchdown with 6:11 left, plus the PAT from Spingler. Weedsport had a comeback on their hands, and the score was 20-14.

The Weedsport defense also came in hot, and stopped the rush and the pass from Cato. Eventually after a turnover-on-downs, Weedsport received the ball and ended the third quarter 20-14.

Weedsport, who was still playing well, scored ten seconds into the final quarter, and Jake O’Connor brought the ball into the endzone. With a blocked PAT, the game became even more intense, tying the game 20-20.

The defense knew what they had to do, really shutting down the Cato offense, both on the rush and pass. After another turnover-on-downs, Reitz took the ball to the endzone for the second time, and Weedsport had their first lead. With the risk of the two-point conversion, which failed, Weedsport had a lead of 26-20.

But, Cato offense also knew what they had to do. Their offense had become rejuvenated. Donnelly scored his third touchdown, with 5:24 left. However, the game remained tied at 26-26 after no two-point conversion.

A lost fumble from the Weedsport offense with 5:11 left, gave Cato another opportunity to take the lead – an opportunity that they took. Donnelly scored once again, with the two-point conversion, and Cato had an eight-point lead, 34-26.

Weedsport offense, however, once again fumbled the ball, which sealed the game. Cato ran the clock out, and took the win, 34-26.

Now, Weedsport (0-2) looks to take on a well-known rival, Onondaga. The Tigers, who are 2-0 with wins against Fabius-Pompey and Sandy Creek, look to be a tougher team compared to previous years. Weedsport will travel there next week.

The Warriors have a lot to work on, especially if they want to continue the success they had over previous seasons. This three away-game streak will prove a lot for Weedsport, and fans will have to wait and see what happens.