Baseball Season in Full Swing


Tim Feocco, Sports Writer

The new MLB season is here and fans are excited about the new players, new players on different teams, and to see how breakout players last year compare to this year. A young player that was a breakout last year was Aaron Judge who is on the Yankees and this offseason they got Giancarlo Stanton. He will be a major upgrade to this team, last season he had 59 home runs and 132 RBI (runs batted in). He also had .281 batting average.

They also have Gary Sanchez, who had 33 home runs. Another offseason move is that the Angels signed Shohei Ohtani who is a young Japanese pitcher who is a really good hitter. He has hit 3 homeruns so far and got a pitching win. The weather also has had some affect this season, it snowed in New York city and got the Yankees home opener canceled and in Pittsburgh it snowed when the Pirates played the Minnesota Twins. Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals is leading the MLB in Home runs with 6 home runs so far. The Astros are leading in Strikeouts after 10 games. A big story from the Yankees is Giancarlo Stanton who is off to a bad start as a yankee. In the last 15 games, Giancarlo has had 46 at bats with 22 strikeouts and with only 9 hits. The Yankees need him because they lost to the Boston Red Sox 14-1. The Boston Red Sox are off to a good start with a 9-2 record. They played the Yankees and the Batter got hit with a pitch and charged the mound, also in a different game in Colorado the same thing happen. The other MLB team in New York is the Mets and they have a 10-1 record, there only loss is to the Louisville Cardinals. They have the best record in the MLB with a .909 win percentage. Boston is in second with .833 win percentage. The Worst team in the MLB is the Cincinnati Reds with a record of 2-10.