The Ties That Bind

Olivia and Quinn Rudick Battle to Overcome Similar Sports Injuries


People go through hardships such as injuries, that can be life-changing. The process of dealing with the injury and recovering is already overwhelming enough as it is. Two people at Weedsport have similar injuries and they have the courage and support from family and friends to recover. These two people are the Rudick siblings, Quinn and Olivia.

Olivia is well known around Weedsport, she is involved in various activities. Olivia takes part in sports such as field hockey, volleyball, and softball. She also does the musical and shoots for main roles. Olivia has many talents as well as being a great student here at Weedsport.

Last year (on her birthday of all days), Olivia suffered a major injury. In one of Olivia’s softball games, she was running to second base thinking she had enough time. Just to be safe, Olivia slid toward second base, managing to jam and twist her leg. She thought to herself, “This cannot be happening right now, it’s my birthday, it’s supposed to be a good day.”

When Olivia found out what exactly happened, it felt like the end of the world to her. She needed surgery, missed the rest of the softball season, missed her senior year of field hockey, and volleyball.

For her prom, she was in a brace and her summer consisted of straight physical therapy. Olivia had a very long recovery process. She said, “The recovery process is tedious, time consuming and exhausting.” After a few months with determination and hard work, Olivia said that her injury feels like nothing happened, just occasional soreness.

Quinn Is Olivia’s younger brother by two years. Quinn is also well known in Weedsport, he is involved in various activities. Quinn plays several sports such as football, basketball, and soccer during the summer. Quinn has also shown interest in the musical in past years.

Quinn also has many talents following him as well as being a great student here at Weedsport. Quinn was recently injured during one of Weedsport’s football games. Quinn’s injury happened a few weeks ago at his football game against New York Mills. Quinn was running the ball and got hit awkwardly, displacing his knee cap towards his upper thigh. Quinn’s thought process at the time, “ I was hoping that it wasn’t too serious and that I didn’t need to get surgery.”

Quinn knew after he was told that he needed surgery that he wasn’t able to play basketball. Quinn does hope to be involved in this year’s musical but he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to do the dancing numbers, “I plan on still going on for the musical this year, dancing is a big part which will be difficult until my knee gets stronger.” Quinn’s recovery will be a long three to four months, but a successful year.

As siblings, Quinn and Olivia have a very strong relationship. Whenever they are together, they have a ton of fun and have made many memories. Both Quinn and Olivia go through some rough times even if it is recent, they find a way to make everything work out in the long run. When things are not going well for either of them, they still have each other to the end.

The Rudick family is very supportive of both Quinn and Olivia. They are always there for them both when they need their family. For Olivia, things were harder for everyone because she missed her senior year of field hockey. Her family’s support and the courage she had was more than enough for her to overcome this incredible challenge thrown at her.

Both Quinn and Olivia would get text messages and phone calls from family members just to see how they were doing. To them, that really helped the whole process knowing that their family was there.