Nolan Carner Shines on Stage and in the Pool

Weedsport’s Jr Sr High, Junior, Nolan Carner is a very versatile student. Carner was recently named “Midseason MVP” for swimming and diving. Nolan says this year he has improved with a lot of things. Specifically his underwater and breath control. Nolan says it has helped him drop lots of time.

The season has gone pretty well for the team this year. They may not have many wins, but they have a strong bond as a team. Carner says their main goal is to do their best in events. Carner’s schedule is very busy right now. Swimming and the musical take up most of his time. 

Carner’s  role for this year’s musical is Sir Harry. Carner says he is very excited about playing this role. Harry has a big ego and stage presence, so playing him is very fun. 

Carner also got involved with the Veteran’s Day USO show. Carner got involved because there weren’t many seniors that went out for it. When Mrs. Leonardi asked the music teachers for good students, and they brought up Carner’s name. Carner likes making music, especially on drums. He has been playing for about 10 years now and he loves it. 

Carner plans on going to Le Moyne for criminology, and then to SU for forensic science.