Need a Boost? Check Out Our “Pump Up” Playlist

At many times, when listening either to Pandora or Spotify, you want a specific feeling to get you ready for something; such as getting “pumped up.” But, Pandora or Spotify may play a song, that gets you off your groove, and just lose all motivation.

    Not to worry! There are 8 Songs that would be perfect to listen to, that can get you pumped up for: sports, waking up (Yes, that does involve motivation), and more.

  1. Circus For a Psycho – Skillet. This song comes in with a huge guitar intro, that goes at a fast pace. It gets your heart racing, and ready to take on the challenge staring you straight in the eyes.

  2. I Need You – Relient K. When starting the song, you hear a crunchy guitar sound, and get an overdriven guitar part, and drums add into the feel of the song. This song also goes at a fast pace.

  3. Sugar We’re Goin’ Down – Fall Out Boy. When you press that play button, you are going to get an ear full of drums to start out with. You’re then going to get some huge guitar chords and then the verse will come in with high-hat and bass.

  4. It’s Not Me, It’s You – Skillet. After you plug in those headphones, get ready for some overdrive on the guitar. You are going to get a faded guitar for a couple seconds, and then BOOM, here’s comes the real part.

  5. Mr. Brightside – The Killers. This may be an oldie, but it’s still goldy. They start out with some faded drum parts and vocals. It may seem nice and calm in the first verse, but the song then gets a little harder in the chorus throughout the rest of the verse.

  6. High School Never Ends – Bowling for Soup. Get your nice guitar fix in here with this song. You get some nice “Ohs” in the beginning, with the guitar part playing in the background. Then a nice pattern on the guitar during the chorus.

  7. Heels over Head – Boys Like Girls. The verse(s) have different styles to them, which make them both unique. The first verse has no drums, until the pre-chorus, then the chorus with a staccato on the guitar. The second verse adds more flare with the different drum parts.

  8. Check Yes, Juliet – We The Kings. This song comes in the faded guitar, then comes into the real thing, of overdrive on the guitar, a bass part, and drums. The drum part in the verse, isn’t simple, it’s just very quiet during the verse. Then full volume on the chorus, and you have yourself a song.

You now have yourself eight songs to help “pump you up” and get you motivated for your challenge.